Daily Archives: May 2, 2012

First Post


I am actually writing my first post. Wow. Big moment right there.

So big, that I am actually speechless. Hehehehe. So for my first post, I will copy and paste a post that I wrote as a guest blogger on my friend Ciiku‘s blog. Please see below. I should be introducing myself soon.


Adrian’s Daughter

 So my father Adrian got his wife pregnant three times and she delivered girls all three times without fail. Those three girls are Adrian’s legal children and all the rest are just rumours that can’t be verified seeing as he was buried 22 years ago. Oh yeah, he died before he was buried.

Adrian’s daughters are as varied as they come. The eldest is a dictatorial, sarcastic, hysterical and ‘big-boned’ (being politically correct here!) Amazon warrior looking melancholic girl. The second born is a proud, tough minded, self-composed, pear shaped girl who laughs at her own jokes – which no one else (other than the minions in her head) seems to get. The last born is a slender, comical and talkative sanguine who dances worse than a white girl – white girls dance to the beats of the next song, this girl dances to the rhythm of her heart beat.

This very conspicuous variation led to the creation and / or development of Albert. Albert? One night, Adrian’s proud daughter dreamt that the reason why she was so different from her sisters was because her real father was some dude whose name was Albert. So at 30 years of age, she woke up in the morning and requested her mother to explain where Albert was and who he was. Her mother was perplexed, ‘What!? Albert? Who? I didn’t cheat on your father!’ she screamed at Adrian’s daughter. The Amazon warrior decided that if anyone was Albert’s daughter, it must be the sanguine. What African cannot coordinate their limbs to the sound of music? That Albert guy couldn’t have been an African! Then the sanguine thought that it must be the proud one or the Amazon who were Albert’s daughters. But that wasn’t the issue. Issue was, who is Albert?