Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

One man’s meat…..


So there I was, in the office kitchen. Unpacking the tasteless drumsticks that my colleague B Tall had thoughtfully bought for my lunch. Then who walks in? Miss C with her gourmet lunch, what do you know? Chinese chicken wings with sauce on the side. My tastebuds were so envious of hers but yeah, no worries, I got what I had bought, right?

B Small walked into the kitchen and joined us at the table and Miss C cordially invited him to share in partaking of her tasty chicken wings. What is a man to do? He joined her in devouring the wings and we continued talking about this and that, you know, the traffic, preachers and the weather.

Since they had quite a few chicken wings to go and my drumsticks were done with, I decided to ‘revise’ the bones that I had placed on my plate. Do you know that bones taste better when the meat is done with? I was so pleased that I had been so hungry while doing my first round that I had left quite some meat on the bones. After about five minutes, I was suprised to note that the number of bones on my plate had increased. Then I noticed that B Small had no side plate and understood why the bones were so tasty. Unknowingly, I had been eating B Small’s chicken bones – he had been placing the bones on my plate without my consent!!!