Daily Archives: May 7, 2012

Tree Coming Down


I had to work from my mother’s house today – the only place where the word ‘home’ sounds right. And I kept on looking at my tree. My tree? I don’t know how it became my tree. I guess my role in protecting it from my evil sisters 🙂 hehehee over the years. From the year that it was planted, my sisters kept on threatening to cut the tree down.  And each year, I kept on saying that they needed to wait till Christmas – my plan was to decorate the tree ‘just one time’. It has been  over 10 years now and I have never decorated the tree and neither has it been chopped to the ground.

Today, I noticed that the tree was thriving, as can be see in the picture below. But I also noticed that all the other shrubs and flowers around it are withering and dying off one by one. Hmmmm. Could it be that sometimes I also keep some things for too long that they become part of me and I don’t notice when my ‘natural behaviour’ causes havoc on other people around me? For example, does my being sarcastic wear some people down – maybe I am not even aware of my effect on other people when they are slowly dying? That tree taught me a lesson today. There are things that must come down. Otherwise, I will keep thriving while other people keep on dying.



What example can you give of things that need to come down in your life, in our society, in the world?