Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

My Boss


Many people think I am crazy when I update my Facebook status to ‘I am about to speak with my boss, WOOHOO!’ or ‘My boss is just the best’, etc. I have been in employment for about 7 years and before my current job I would have given anyone with such a status update a serious evil eye. Till I met my current boss.

She sits in West Africa and I have met her once. She visited Kenya to conduct my orientation for one BLISSFUL week. That week was pure heaven. Just to make things clear, I don’t have a crush on my boss. She is very hot beautiful and no, that is not the reason why I think she is all that and a bag of bhajias.

Reasons why I adore my boss:

  1. She is real. She says it as it is. No trying to beat bushes or calling a chainsaw a huge nail file, no. She speaks her mind and lets you deal with how to react to her words.
  2. She is very hardworking and knows her stuff. I have worked with bosses who let you do all the hard work while they spend time doing personal stuff or developing their own side hustle. She is not scared of getting her hands dirty with the rest of the team and working extra time to get the job done.
  3. She listens. Doesn’t pretend to listen, but actually listens. And takes notes J Why is that so cool? I don’t have to keep on repeating myself or thinking about what my idea is – she will keep track. During meetings, she keeps on referring to what other team members have contributed to the conversation. I don’t know whether she does this to keep us on our toes but it makes us feel good.
  4. She keeps time. Oh how I get upset by a supervisor who can’t keep time! If we have a teleconference at 10am, she will dial in 10 minutes before 10. She never keeps us (her team) waiting and always responds to our e-mails when she says she will.
  5. She is inclined to focus on output rather than time spent or hours worked. Which I love! If I am supposed to achieve a certain target, it doesn’t matter what time I get to the office, doesn’t matter who I need to speak with to get it done, all she needs to know is that it is done within the times we had agreed.
  6. She calls just to check up on me. Not to check on whether my targets are being met, whether the assignment she gave me is done, no. Just to check on whether I am okay, whether I need any support in ANY aspect of my life, whether there are any difficult client she needs to speak with, etc. How cool is that!?

When I grow up, I want to be just like my boss!