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ASL – Age, Sex, Location PART 1


So this should be easy!? I mean how hard would it be for me to call out the fakes? I’m a pro in telling what’s not adding up. I’ve been told that I’m an expert in reading between the lines, words, heck, even letters. So, I’d learn fast from any mistakes and make sure that I got my husband. So I joined a Christian Dating site! ME!!! I did!

Specimen A.
Tall, dark and  handsome. A real saved brother to boot. Size 10 shoes – don’t know why that is relevant except that I thought it was fascinating that he mentioned it. 34 years old, music producer, world traveller, worship leader, only boy, night worker, writer….

What more would I be asking for? So from the first call, all he wanted to do was meet Amazon Warrior. Not for love’s sake but to grill me. Let me explain. When you are talking to someone for the first time, you’ll probably ask them what they do, what they like, you know, questions that are easy to comprehend and answer. Boy, oh, boy! Didn’t I NOT get such questions!

‘How many times have you read the Bible cover to cover?’ ‘What exact process do you follow on a daily basis to directly connect with God?’, ‘How many people have you led to the Lord this week?’… Just to capture a few of the questions that were part of his vetting process. That didn’t worry me as much as when he said that he was giving me 2 weeks to either meet up with him or he would meet Queen Lattifah2.

Sigh, I wonder where that Scripture was from. So yeah……. I was forgotten and was cast away as far as the East is from the West ….. And I guess Queen Latiffah2 run away with that one.


Edited to add:

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