Daily Archives: May 14, 2012

ASL – Part 2


Specimen B

He was a slightly older dude. Slightly older? No, underrepresentation. He was a 52 year old guy. You know, one of those you talk to coz you are taking one for the team….. Hehehehe, I should stop hating, what team! He seemed like a nice guy when we first started talking. He was so polite, like you couldn’t imagine.  But even the thought of writing about him makes my hands want to s..l……e…….e……p….. In the same proportion that he was polite, he was also boring. I am sorry but why would you call me to discuss the price of kindles? Or why would you waste 5 precious minutes of my life talking about how you are upset that your ‘chauffer’ hit the bumper of your JEEP!!!

Then worst of it all, dude had serious ‘expatriate’ mentality. You know the guys who came to ‘Africa’ to sort out our problems? Yeah. One of those. He kept on complaining of how much travel he needed to do in and out of various African countries, excuse me, aren’t there functioning teleconferencing facilities available in ‘Africa’? Oh, the airport is so crowded and messy! Buy your own jet and fly it in and out of your own airport! As in seriously. This dude was just annoying. I wonder why I kept up with his nonsense for over 3 months! Loneliness is a bad thing. It makes you imagine that someone is interesting even when talking to them over the phone is killing your brain cells one by one. Stupidity kills brain cells, did you know? I didn’t either, coz I just made that up!!! 🙂

So then I decided, I would give this internet dating thing one last try. Enter specimen échantillon C.