Daily Archives: May 21, 2012

Nairobi Traffic Jams


There is nothing that upsets me more than Nairobi traffic jams. And the drivers that cause it. It is so annoying.

I call it the ‘selfishness jam’ because it is not caused by an abundance of vehicles, rather, it is caused by the drivers having a ‘me-first’ mentality. So if there is traffic jam, why queue with the rest of the population when you can drive on the wrong side of the road and get ahead of all the suckers in front of you? And when you get to the junction where all the cars are headed to, just block the exit and entrance until someone lets you pass. And dare anyone NOT allow you to pass when you just arrive. And people insist that they are sane!?

What about the matatus that stop to drop and pick passengers at any time, without warning especially since their brake lights mostly don’t work. They how loudly they cuss at you if you even try getting them to move to the side of the road so that you can pass. What! And how the conductors hit the side of your car to threaten you to move aside for the overlapping matatu or else…..

I reckon that rain melts our roads and cars into vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. How would you explain the madness that happens on our roads every time it rains?! There are people who have been stuck in jam for hours on end just because everyone is in a panic because it is raining and the roads have turned into ice cream and syrup so no one can fight their way out of it. If we could only think of letting one person pass before we did, I am sure we would all get home faster and in a better mood.