Daily Archives: May 22, 2012

Mrs. Adrian Said….. Doctor


So I have decided that since there are so many things that my mother says, I will be writing a post on ‘Mrs. Adrian Said…’ every so often.

One day when I was still in campus, I got really sick and I went back home. My mother decided to take me to the local doctor whose practice was a collaboration with the local chemist. When we were was sick we’d buy medicine from the chemist after having a consultation with the doctor. The doctor and the pharmacist plus their assistants were people who lived in the neighborhood so it was one big family……

Cheapest way out was to describe your symptoms to the pharmacist who would then diagnose you and give you medicine. When your sickness seemed too complicated, the pharmacist would refer you to the doctor who would then diagnose you and refer you back to the chemist for medication. So apparently, my disease was too complicated for the pharmacist and we were then referred to the doctor. Who decided that my sickness was too advanced to await the swallowing of a pill, it needed immediate attention. So an injection was prescribed.

I had to go back out to pick the injection drugs from the chemist and then go back to the doctor to have him administer the doze. So after the injection, my mother and I went back out to the chemist which was now full of customers, most of them neighbors and acquaintances. When the total bill was presented to us, I noticed that there was an extra 500 shillings that wasn’t accounted for. I insisted on an explanation as to why there was an explanation for doctors consultation, injection medicine and take away medicine and there was no explanation for the 500 shillings. (I wasn’t even paying for this, I wonder why I bothered). The chemist assistant was trying her best to explain this to me but I guess she got flustered due to the huge volume of people in the shop waiting to be attended to or something like that. What she was saying just didn’t make sense and I kept on asking her why the amount was included there.

So as the rest of the population is keenly waiting to be served and is observing my questioning techniques 🙂 Mrs. Adrian took over and shouted in exasperation, ‘That was the doctor’s fee for touching your butt. Did you think he would be touching it for free?’