Daily Archives: May 24, 2012



So as I was getting to work this morning (herculean task if you ask me, I really didn’t want to get out of bed today and my sister locked me in the house from the outside as she was leaving!),  I passed this guy on his way to work. I assume he was on his way to work because he was carrying a laptop bag. Which I also assume was holding a laptop. Focus, Njenva, focus!

Okay, so he had worn this white scarf around his neck and from his mannerisms, it is not an everyday thing for him to be wearing a scarf. He looked so uneasy. I have dude pals who are very comfortable wearing scarves so I came up with reasons why he didn’t feel comfortable wearing the scarf:

  1. He was wearing a stinky scarf. He couldn’t stand it’s smell but he really needed the scarf.
  2. The scarf was being used to hide a hickey.
  3. The scarf was made of poor quality material and his neck was therefore itching from irritation.
  4. He is a member of Al-Shabab and was hiding grenades on his neck.
  5. He had a stiff neck and he was looking for a sturdy neck support.
  6. He had no clean clothes to wear today so he decided to wear a scarf to hide the dirty collar.
  7. He was trying to hide his badly shaven chin.
  8. The scarf just matched with his white shirt and he is a diva like that….
  9. He had planned to wear a scarf today whether or not the weather was cold
  10. It is fashionable bandage

Seriously, why was he wearing a scarf in this hot weather?