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But I didn’t finish….


This post was inspired by Adrian’s skinny daughter. Who eats more than an elephant but looks like a cat. While some of us eat like cats but look like elephants….. Fat cat (pun not intended)

Image from – http://nicepicture.org

On many occasions, the rest of us have noticed that Skinny eats about thrice for every meal. What do I mean? She can eat breakfast twice or thrice, lunch twice or thrice and yes, dinner, twice or thrice.

During her other sister’s college graduation party, I met with her about three times and during each meeting, she was carrying a plate of food with her. Each time, it was a different plate of food. Don’t ask me how I noticed but by the third time I met with her and she had a different plate of food, I decided to open my eyes a bit more. The party ended at about 11pm and as we were sitting down to recap the highlights of the party, she joined the discussion with…wait for it…..ANOTHER plate of food.

So, how much food have you eaten today?

What do you mean? I haven’t even eaten today.

I have seen you with 4 different plates of food today.

Me? ¬†I have only eaten 2 plates of food, BUT I DIDN’T FINISH either plate of food.

Really? Each time I saw you, the plate was nearing empty.

Why are you even looking at what I am eating? What is wrong with you?

No, I am not saying it is bad to eat, I am just saying that I noticed your 4 plates of food.

It was 3 plates!!! And I DIDN’T FINISH some of the food….

I know what I saw. Whatever, let’s continue with our discussion about the party.

Okay. Oh no, wait. I’ll be back. *Runs to the kitchen and comes back with a huge bunch of bananas* Where were we?

Are you eating bananas after eating 4 plates of food!???!!!

But they are small bananas and I might not finish eating the entire bunch…..