Daily Archives: May 28, 2012

Village Travel


So this weekend, Mrs. Adrian, Hipilicious and I traveled to the village. Just a random road trip that I was blackmailed into participating in. We were to leave at 10am but due to the people who couldn’t keep with us during the Mater Heart Run :-), there was such a crazy traffic jam in Nairobi that we decided to wait and leave when everything had cooled down…

Let me digress from village travel and wonder out loud. When a race is advertised as a ‘10km run‘ you would expect to run for 10 kilometers, right? FAIL!  According to my Endomondo tracker, The Mater Heart Run was exactly 7.75 kilometers. I could also feel it when Hipilicious and I were running/walking/crawling, there was no way it was going to be 10kilometers. So for all who completed the race and went home thinking ‘So cool! I did a 10km race today’, now you know, you did not.

🙂 Don’t want to say much today, let the pictures tell the story….

DISCLAIMER: Most of these photos were taken from a fast moving vehicle…. You might see reflections on the window – of people, etc… 🙂

Random town we passed on the way to the village

Donkeys grazing…. The clouds were quite something…

Birds relaxing on electricity lines. They look so calm and without a care in the world….

We went to visit Adrian’s mum. This is her kitchen. This structure has stood the test of time, it has been there since the first time I visited, maybe in 1985. The potato stew made in that kitchen is to die for!!!

A close up of the kitchen. The three stones are used to direct the firewood towards the pots and pans as well as also hold the pots during cooking. Look at how prolonged use of firewood has blackened the sides of the pots. On the left side is a low stool that one seats on while cooking.

So….after eating, this is where you visit. The outhouse a.k.a. the latrine.

Bananas in the farm

Pawpaws in the farm


One last photo. The sun fighting to get out of the clouds.