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Stalker? Stalkee? Stalk C? NEVER!


Before C moved in to be my neighbour, there was a single lady who lived in that house with her spoilt  son. He was about 7 or 8 but he looked like he was 12 and he behaved like he was 2! And his mum always made excuses for him. So the househelps kept on changing, one after the other, they came in and left in droves. The reason she kept providing as to why she was firing them was that they don’t know how to handle kids. But I knew better. I used to work from home so I heard all the drama that went down before the lady got back home. And our walls are thin, so I heard EVERYTHING. All househelps that came in often learnt how to scream one word, “TYRONE!”*

Anyhow, that is not the topic of today’s post. When Tyrone’s mum was accused of murdering someone by reckless driving, she got into some major legal battle and used up all her savings. She couldn’t afford to pay rent anymore so she had to move out. Now, for a visual, Tyrone’s family lived on the ground floor apartment, I live on the first floor and Miss P lives on the second floor. Miss P is an American expatriate who is very quiet. We mostly just say hi  to each other and nothing  more. I think the most we have said to each other is ‘Please don’t lock the gate, I don’t have my keys today’.  So this has been our routine for over two years. And this was her routine with Tyrone’s mum as well. It was a great mind-your-own-business living environment, I was the loudest with my constant sleepovers and “parties”. They kept to themselves and I kept to myself. It was working great.

So Tyrone’s mum had to leave and in moved C. And I thought that with C, it would be a great chance since he is young, just like Miss. P and I had dreams of having cool neighbourly hangout sessions with my cool neighbours. Yeah, right!!! After confirming my suspicions that C was actually running away from me, I decided that I would totally ignore him – not that it would make a difference because he had already been ignoring me and I had never noticed…. 🙂 Anyhow, after that, anytime I meet him at the parking lot or if we are both opening different sides of the gate, I treat him like he is air. I don’t even say hello anymore. When Osumi asks me to pass on a message to him I ask him whether we share the Caretaker salary, he laughs and delivers his own messages.

This has been working pretty well for me as I no longer feel so pressurized to make conversation or to be the good person. Until yesterday morning. As usual, I left my house and as I was closing my door, I heard the other two doors being closed. Miss P and I shared our usual greetings and I got into my car completely ignoring C. So C got into his car and started reversing and since he was blocking my way, I had to wait. Then wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles. He rolled down the passenger window and shouted out ‘Miss P, hey, want a lift to the bus stop?’ WHAT!? Shock on me.

He went out of his way to speak with Miss P?! He even offered her a lift? And how she responded, ‘Hey C! Sure, you are a livesaver!” WHAT THE  #$$&*$&*(&*#. Where have I been!? Why does he have to be nice to her, even give her a lift and all? I am not sad that he is nice to someone – my initial rage was directed to her expatriate status – but WHY IS HE NOT RUNNING AWAY FROM HER?

Ok, granted, maybe she has never gone for a detailed tour of his house at the insistence of one Osumi but really, what does she have over me? And why do I feel like throwing heavy stuff at C because he speaks to Miss. P? I never stalked him! What did I do wrong!? AND I DON’T WANT TO BE HIS FRIEND! I just want him to stop running away from me. Skinny will kill me once she reads this. After the initial running-away-from-me story, she has more issues with him than I do! She will think that I am obsessed with him. And I am NOT.

*Not his real name!