Daily Archives: June 12, 2012

Pink Trouser


When I was in class 7, I had this one pair of trousers. My first pair of trousers. They were bright pink in colour. It actually took action proportional to a coup for me to acquire the said pair of trousers. I loved my trousers.

Background: Mrs. Adrian is very old school especially in terms of dressing. My sisters and I were not allowed to wear trousers at all. We started the revolution with getting ourselves culottes when I was in class 7 and this was a major win for us!  I have only seen Mrs. Adrian wear trousers once and it was because we were going hiking at Hell’s Gate and there was no way she was going to be climbing up and down gorges in a skirt or a dress. Even to this day, if she is in an interview panel and you are a lady and you walked in wearing a trouser suit, I can guarantee you that you are not going to get that job. I think it pains her to see Hipilicius’ and Skinny’s wardrobe. I think Hipilicious has 2 dresses – 1 that she wears to weddings (all wedding photos have her in that same dress, accessorized with different bold colours to confuse you if you thought it was the same dress) and 1 dress that she got from being a best maid at her friend’s wedding. Oh, I forgot, she has one other dress that she had to tailor for my best friends wedding.

Back to my pink trouser. So we had this very adventurous househelp who took us to Gikomba – a branch of London high streets – 🙂 for shopping. And when I saw this particular pink trouser, I just had to get it. Mrs. Adrian had a fit when she saw me wearing it but what to do? I had already bought it and it was home!

One morning, Mrs. Adrian gave us her usual instructions of ‘When you come home, finish your homework, prepare for tomorrow and you are not allowed to go out and play because tomorrow is a school day‘ and we listened to her. With half an ear as usual.  At that point we didn’t have a househelp so yeah, we ruled the house! There was no one to monitor our activities. As soon as Hipilicious and I got home  after school, we changed into home clothes and went outside to the front porch and started playing. Since Skinny was pretty young then, we usually let her play with us when we had absolutely no one else to play with. So there we were, three sisters playing ‘kati’ as happy as can be, knowing that at some point, we would have to go back to the house before Mrs. Adrian came back.

Till when it was my turn to play and I twisted my leg on the ball and my leg faced the opposite direction, then I sat down on it. Oh my goodness! The pain that I felt then! Wow. I couldn’t even stretch out the leg. I couldn’t even stand. Skinny and Hipilicious tried lifting me up but I was too heavy for them. What to do? I had to stay out there and wait for help. Help came in the form of Mrs. Adrian.

What are you doing on the floor?

I fell down and hurt my leg.

What were you doing outside?

Ahhhhh…… We were playing.

Didn’t I tell you not to play today?


Okay, just stay there and think about what you have done.

Ma, my leg really hurts, could you please take me to the doctor?

Oh, your leg hurts? Not as much as you hurt me when you disobey me.

And she walked away. Best believe she did. She went into the house and started preparing dinner. I couldn’t believe it! Mrs. Adrian had totally ignored me. So I stayed out in the same position, funny thing was I was in so much pain, I didn’t even shed a tear. Then it started getting late. Hipilicious and Skinny started apologizing on my behalf, ‘Mum, we are sorry. We won’t do it again, please carry her into the house or take her to see a doctor‘ etc… She didn’t even turn away from her cooking. Then it started drizzling. And I was getting rained on! So now I started crying. I couldn’t believe that my own mother was not moved by me having ‘broken’ my leg and worse still I was getting rained on.

When it started raining heavily, Mrs. Adrian must have decided that she had rather deal with a broken leg than with pneumonia and a broken leg. And the fact that I was still on the same spot being rained on must have convinced her that it was serious. So she came out and asked me to stand. Stand? Helloooo……. So she dragged me into the house. For real, she dragged me into the house and asked me to remove my trouser. My pink trouser. I tried, but since my leg was kinda bent backwards I couldn’t do that. She tried lifting the the trouser but it was too tight so it couldn’t even roll up to the shin.

Hipilicious, go get a pair of scissors!

What!? A pair of scissors? For what?!

How do you expect me to see what is happening with your leg if I don’t cut your trousers open?


So will you just lie on the floor, with a spoilt leg and not allow me to see the knee?

You can look for other ways to see my knee, you are not going to cut my trouser.



Well then, suit yourself! Stay there on the floor with your painful leg and PINK TROUSER!