Daily Archives: June 19, 2012

Losing Myself! Part 1


Four events happened early this year:

1. My friend Shish and I prayed about our New Year Resolutions

2. Photos from Hipilicious’s birthday party were distributed

3. My friend Loise told me that she could no longer meet with me at Java, so we had to start meeting at her fitness track

4. Mrs. Adrian broke down and started crying during a conference call with Hipilicious, Skinny and I.

How are all these events related to each other? When Shish and I were praying for the new year (2012), we decided to write down what our prayer points would be – please note, NOT resolutions. From the photos, I was shocked to see how I looked like. I couldn’t believe I had added all that weight and I hadn’t noticed.  My clothes had become a little tighter in the past 4 months but really, it was the clothes that were shrinking, right? I hadn’t realised how I had to place my friend out of her comfort zone for her to meet with me. Loise runs about three or four times a week. For her to meet with me, she had to sacrifice her running time. So the compromise was that I was to meet with her at the track and walk with her seeing as I couldn’t run. And just like that, I decided that this was going to be the year when I would lose weight to a normal and manageable level. Very easy to say and I have learnt, very hard to implement! My only prayer point when the year begun, LOSE WEIGHT.

I decided that I would be walking three times a week and see how it goes. I started walking on 11th January 2012. During my second week of walking, Skinny connected the entire family in a conference call where I don’t know what happened and Mrs. Adrian said, ‘I am so scared of losing you Njenva. You are growing bigger and bigger and you don’t even seem to care. Please do something before it is too late. I am getting very worried. Are you about to die on me? Don’t you care for yourself?’ I tried interjecting with, ‘But I have just started walking…...’ but this didn’t work, Mrs. Adrian had something to say and say it, she did! She was so passionate in her cry for me to lose weight and become a healthier person that when she was done talking, the palpable silence that came on the line just led all of us to say, ‘Okay, bye’ and that was the end of the phone call.

It has now been about 5 months and WOW, what a journey it has been! I have learnt about calories, pounds, kilos, muscle, MFP, RunKeeper, Endomondo, obesity, BMI, ‘one-derland’, NSV and many other things that I knew zero about just 5 months ago. I have learnt that what works for me may not work for you but may be just what someone else needs to get the extra pounds off. I have learnt the art of being patient and working hard. I am not going to give up. I must admit, I didn’t think that it was going to be this hard.

What does my journey look like? What have I been doing?