Losing Myself! Part 2


I keep on asking Mrs. Adrian and Hipilicious whethere they can see a difference in my face or body from how I looked like in January. They always answer in the affirmative. But you know, sometimes I think they are just saying yes so that I don’t get discouraged. What have I been doing since January 10th?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I decided to start walking. That is all I did. Walk. Those who know me know that I am a tech junkie so of course I looked for an app that would help me to calculate the distance I walked. So I downloaded RunKeeper which is accurate to the street! It keeps track of how long you have walked, your pace, calories burnt and route you have used. And it showed me that during that first week I managed to walk for about 5 kilometers during each of the three days that I walked. Since then, I have upgraded to Endomondo because my new phone didn’t support the RunKeeper application. Let me not lie. That was a killer. I used to get so tired, I couldn’t drive when I was done. So there I was, at a race track parking lot and I am so tired that I can’t lift my foot to accelerate or brake. Then when I got to my house, I would be too tired to leave the car so I had to spend another 10 minutes coaxing my legs to move. I live on the first floor. By the time I was done with the stairs, all the energy I had left was to open my door, remove my shoes and throw myself on the bed. I couldn’t even shower or eat dinner. I was too tired.

I continued and by the third week, I could do about 8kms three times a week and not feel like my entire body was being passed through a grater. Then I decided to do some reading on the internet on losing weight. And found that the logic behind losing weight and adding weight is basically, calories management. The more calories you burn, the more you lose. If you know how many calories you are consuming a day then it is easy to know what to expect. So I decided to keep track of the calories that I was eating. And I stumbled onto MFP. Which is a great application to track the amount of food you have eaten, the number of calories you have left to eat in a day and the number of calories burnt during any form of exercise. It also came with a whole load of people who are looking to manage their weight and support each other.

Just by luck, my colleagues at the office decided that we should all look great during our scheduled get away to Zanzibar in November. And a ‘Slimpossible’ competition was launched. Of course by the time it started I had already lost some kilos so it was sad that no one had thought about it before 🙂 I would have more lost weight to show during the finals! Thank God for more motivation to get going. We started off with weekly weigh ins but these have currently sizzled off, though everyone is still going at it.

I continued walking and I had progressed to about 42 kilometers a week, which was mostly about 10kms per day for four days. But the more I interacted with people from MFP and spoke with my friends who had lost weight, the more I realised that it requires more than cardio activities. I needed to do strength training. Which was why last month, I joined a gym and got myself a personal trainer, Jeff. Who tortures my muscles so hard, when my muscles sense that he is near, they start quivering! It is like I have gone back to the first week of walking. What!

I have also been trying to experiment with what I eat and move towards eating healthy options. Since I found out that some slices of  some large pizzas can pack up to about 600 calories, I have NEVER put one into my mouth. 600 calories is like eating 3 whole eggs, 3 sausages and 2 chapatis. I have learnt to love mushrooms even more. I now eat about 5 meals a day instead of 3 meals. I was one of those people who only drunk water only when it passed the wrong way during swimming. These days I try to drink at least 1 litre of water. And I have noticed that on the weeks that I drink more water, I lose more weight! I started off by not drinking 1 litre of soda everyday, yeah, I know…… sigh. I have only taken soda three times this year, each time was a 300ml bottle. I also carry food from home for my everyday lunch. I have noticed that when I don’t carry food, I end up eating stuff that is not helpful to my cause at all.

I was so excited by the weight loss till this week on Monday when I bought my own weighing scale. That showed that the one at the office has been off by about 11kgs!!! In the opposite direction. So there I was thinking that I had lost 25kgs. I have only lost 14kgs. I sometimes wonder why I am torturing myself so then I remember the clothes that Skinny had bought sometime back that couldn’t fit and can now fit and I pull myself back together and kick my foot higher during Taebo.

Benefits so far:

1. I don’t sweat when preparing to go to work in the morning. My body has experienced worse activity, so preparing to go to work in the morning is like a lullaby.

2. I can walk for 5kms without breaking a sweat. And I only start getting tired when I hit 9kms.

3. My skin is clearer that it has been in a LONG time.

4. I haven’t been to see a doctor this whole year because of stomach issues. In the past 4 years, I used to visit doctors like twice a month.

5. I sleep so well. Last year I had serious insomnia and I would sleep for 4 – 5 hours on average. These days, I sleep for about 8 hours and I wake up feeling refreshed.

6. I feel so much better about myself. My long lost confidence is slowly creeping back…. 🙂

7. My bed doesn’t creak like it is carrying the weight of the world. It actually doesn’t creak at all.

This is not to mean that if you see me now I look like a better version of Tyra Banks! No. I have so much weight still left on me, I am constantly in shock that I have lost 14kgs and I look as I do. According to any BMI calculator, I am still OBESE…very scary word right there. Which makes me wonder, how did I ever get here?

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  1. You are doing great! I think your hair might be heavy too. And if you look on the upside, it DOES GROW when you’re exercising. I’ve never understood why, although I guess when you’re healthy everything works like it should.

    • 🙂 Thanks! I have been in braids for most part of this year, I will remove them next week and update you whether my hair has really grown, though it grows really fast by itself… I was actually worried that if I started losing weight my hair would not grow as fast and two bones would stick out. The bones are already sticking out…. Worst part is that they are on my forehead….. 🙂

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