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I am so upset! What! I was unwell, went to a hospital for check up. I had migranes and it was clocking 2 weeks of non stop dizziness etc. So the doctor requested me to go back the next day to collect the results. So I went back yesterday (which is the next day!) and was told that even if I am just there to collect results, I have to wait and queue with newbies. Okay, no worries. I queued. And read my book. Then the waiting room started emptying and after some time, I realised that it was nearly clocking 2 hours 30 minutes. Just waiting to get results for tests that were done the day before. I found it weird that patients who came in after I did were leaving while I was busy reading my book.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and went into the “Evaluation Rooms ” and queried why it was taking so long to get to my file.

Do you have 2 files?
Uuuumm,  I don’t know
We can’t seem to find your records
You had to wait for me to ask before telling me that you can’t see my file?
So, do you have 2 files?
I think you have 2 files
You need to go to the Records Office and check
Aren’t you using a computerized system, YOU check
You have to go merge your own files
WHAT? I just want my results!!!

So I went to the hospital records office and tried waiting for the guy who was there to check for my two sets of records. Then I heard him muttering to himself, “Where is letter ‘N’, where does letter ‘E’ go to when I need it most “!!!! Really?

Hey? Do you need help?

Yes, type out your name in this box


Yeah, you have 2 files!

Okay, so where is the data about when I was sick in 2007

Wow, so maybe you have 3 files!? Type your name in again and we can check!…..Hmmmmm. Let’s try your surname. A.D.R.I.A.N….. Hmmm, there are so many ADRIAN’s in the system!

At this point and time, I couldn’t believe that I was looking at the hospital patients list. Just a click and I could see what other people’s sicknesses were, their telephone contact details, their addresses, etc. So much for having private and confidential records in a hospital. So I got my records merged, went back to the doctor – who in my opinion was a semi-pervert – and no surprise. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me so I have been referred to specialists. I should start a petition to have that hospital closed. Seeing it is the second largest private hospital in Kenya, I highly suspect that my missing files are small fish in this large sea……

Reminds me of a couple of other hospital situations though…….