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So the root cause of my migraines was finally discovered. For that I am pretty happy. What I am not happy about is the calibre of doctors that we seem to be raising in Kenya. Doctors who don’t really want to know what is wrong with the patient so that they can treat the root cause but rather they dispense pain killers and anti-allergy medicines to get rid of the patient and move on to the next one. It is not funny that they are not making an effort to understand what the problem is with patients who visit them.

I removed my acrylic nails and noticed that one nail was looking weird. Seeing as it had started paining, I went to the hospital and informed the doctor that I thought it may have been a fungal infection from the salon. The doctor recommended a cream. Which I later learnt was for softening dry skin.

Hipilicious went to the hospital and told the doctor about her very rapid weight loss, fast heart beat and feeling faint. She was given painkillers.

I visited Nairobi Hospital early this year and the doctor who I met looked at my throat and said, ‘YUCK’. For real!

My colleague went to hospital to complain about his upset stomach, sweating and general heat flush. He was also given pain killers. And now he is dead. From a massive heart attack. Which could have been easily diagnoised. But no. They had other patients to see and rake up the numbers……

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  1. Oh no! Sorry about your colleague. And I agree with you. Did you read the feature story in the Daily Nation today? It’s about a woman who slipped into a coma as a result of pre-eclampsia! The article broke my heart, and the one question that wouldn’t stop ringing in my head was whether the doctor actually cared to check whether the patient’s symptoms indicated pre-eclampsia. And if I start my rant about Nairobi Hospital, it will be a whole post. Because my cousin was admitted after misdiagnosis … and after having to pay for IV medication which she didn’t need.

    • Thing is, this doesn’t only happen at the large hospitals. One of my friends is currently in the States trying to save the life of her child because some nurse in some hospital in Kisumu injectedher son with some paralysis drug instead of a flu shot. What to do!????

  2. Njenva, I have been stalking your blog courtesy of Ciiku.
    This post and the previous one really breaks my heart. Being in the public health arena and all. Like seriously what can be done???

    • Mirish, stalk away! 🙂
      I guess we no longer care about each other. Unless it is someone you know, why are you going the extra mile to carefully diagnose what the problem is? People die everyday so it might just as well be him/her. I feel that vets care for their animals more than doctors are caring for their patients. I seriously don’t know what can be done. I know it is not only a problem in our hospitals but with most service providers – bus drivers, shop keepers, waiters, etc. We are all not giving each other the best service that we can.

  3. So sad to read about this. Just last night I was reading about how a lady lost her triplets at Nairobi Women’s Hospital due to neglect and lack of knowledge. Surely. What can we do about this? It is too much!

  4. Now i know where those searching for “pre-eclampsia” are directed to your blog. Its in the comment from Wa-Makeri ehehehe just so you know

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