Daily Archives: July 4, 2012

First time swimmers


Hipilicious and I learnt how to swim when we were already in upper primary. We had not been allowed to go for swimming while we were younger because Mrs. Adrian was scared of large masses of water. Even though she was born and raised next to the ocean. Literally. (Hehehe! Thanks WaMakeri) So for the longest time, we couldn’t go out to swim with our friends. We would take people to swimming pools or rivers or whatever but couldn’t go in because we were not allowed to. And we didn’t have swimming costumes.

My cousin Shaddie was quite the ladies man when he was younger. His girlfriends always tried impressing us by buying us sweets, chocolates, goodies, etc. So this one girlfriend upped the game by taking me to buy a swimming costume, going to swim and watching a movie at the cinema theatre. All on the same day – my first for all three activities. She’s still got my vote to this date. Once I got into a pool, I realized that this was an experience that Hipilicious had to go through. I can’t remember how but she also got herself a swimming costume and we started sneaking out of the house to go swimming.

The excitement was too much to bear especially once we learnt how to swim and we had to tell Mrs. Adrian. But there was no way that we were going to tell her that we knew how to swim. What we were going to do is tell her that we felt that we were ready to start swimming and that we had gotten swimming costumes. We also told the lifeguard ‘Symo‘ that we would be coming with our mother so he shouldn’t dissappear but he should stick around for the duration that she would be there.

So after much nagging persuasion, Mrs. Adrian agreed to take us for swimming at the local pool. We felt that if we took her to our preffered pool at Nyayo Stadium, we would be setting ourselves up for failure. First of all, there was no baby pool there and the pool was much larger than the local one so she would have more issues there…. So we went and showed our mum the pool, she stood by the side, didn’t say much as she was too scared to speak (hehehe) and Symo went on and on about how we were great swimmers – thank God Mrs. Adrian didn’t wonder why we had become such pros on our first day at the pool. After swimming, we went back home with her and we were so excited that she didn’t freak out.

When we arrived home, we all went to her bedroom in our excitement recapping all the moves that we had pulled at the pool and at the same time, we started unpacking our swimming gear. Then blah, blah, blah, we went on to sleep and woke up the next morning. Mrs. Adrian had already left for work as was usual during the holidays. In the afternoon, we decided that we would go swimming and we went to the clothes line to pick our swimming gear. Just to realise that we had left it in Mrs. Adrian’s room. Which we found out was LOCKED. An occurance that had NEVER happened in our lives. Mrs. Adrian is one of those mothers who don’t lock their rooms when they are not in the house. But the one time we left our swimming costumes in there, it was locked!

To be continued…….