Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

The week that was…


Due to some foreseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to write at least four posts last week. For this, I will blame Jeff and Aga Khan Hospital. All the same, let us hope that I am now back on track and ready to write at least everyday of this week.

Last last week was super eventful. I met up with my old friend Charlie, I hadn’t seen in him in close to 4 years. But he is one of those friends who don’t dwell too much on the fact that time had passed since the last time we met. It was as if time hadn’t moved, we picked up as if 4 years hadn’t passed.

He told me about one of the places he worked at some point during the 4 years and if it wasn’t that it was CHARLIE telling me about it, I would have had serious doubts about the authenticity of the story.  He told me how you couldn’t get into the office with your phone. You had to sign it in at the gate and leave it with the security guards who would keep the phone till it was home time. And yes, you couldn’t ‘visit’ your phone at lunch hour.

Because there was no lunch hour. They all had a 25 minutes break for lunch. To ensure that everyone kept to this 25 minutes, a siren would go off at 1:00pm indicating that you should put everything down IMMEDIATELY and go to the canteen for your meal. At 1:25pm, another siren would sound and you needed to drop your spoon, fork, knife or fingers and rush back to your desk.

Everyone had 2 books next to their desk. One was labeled ‘YOURS’ and the other was labeled ‘OTHERS’. You had to sign in the ‘YOURS’ book, anytime you left your desk, even if you are going to the printer to pick a piece of paper or even for a bathroom break. If you were seen in the corridors and you hadn’t signed your book indicating where exactly you were going, you were going to be in real trouble. Anyone who visited your desk had to sign in the ‘OTHERS’ book when they reached your desk and then sign again when they were leaving your desk. Random audits were conducted and people would get into serious trouble for not having accounted for minutes between when they signed their ‘YOURS’ book and when they signed another  persons ‘OTHERS’ book.

That was just hilarious. Couldn’t believe that we work in the same country or city. Thank God Charlie left that workplace.

Last week, my friend Jensen and I finalized planning the ‘Amazing Race’ that we are planning for couples from our church who are getting married this year. We have included loads of activities to try and test their communication skills. I will update this once the event happens this coming Saturday. I can’t wait!

I also read 2 books last week, I wonder why I didn’t select e-books because this would mean that I would be making headway in my Things to do before my next birthday. One of the books ‘We Are Still Married’ by Garrison Keillor was an interesting read. It has various poems, letters, short stories and newspaper articles about people who are still married despite the various odds that they have faced. The other was a silly rom-com that helped the hours pass. I have already started reading a book that will be discussed during a book club that I wormed my way into. 🙂 So far, so good.

I watched 4.5 movies last week. I had always wanted to watch ‘Teen Witch’ since I had watched it when I was in primary school and I thought that it was a great movie. It wasn’t as great this time, but I watched it all. I was shocked that I remembered words to some of the songs. I love musicals. I tried watching ‘Camp Cucamonga’ but didn’t finish watching it due to some downloading issues…..Bootlegger speaking… I was very suprised to see Jennifer Aniston in the movie, who knew then that she would end up being the biggest star and eclipse all the other ‘stars’ in the movie!? I have always had ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’ but I had never watched it. I finally got to watch it and it wasn’t so bad, just a few disgusting moments…. ‘Madagascar 3: Europe’ s Most Wanted’ was an eye treat. The colour was great, I don’t know whether it was the IMAX 3D effect but WOW, that was something. In all honesty, I doubt that animations are made for kids anymore…. A movie I didn’t expect to like ‘Think Like a Man’ ended up being a great laugh full of :slurp: beautiful people. I have been actively looking for a bootleg copy of the movie but no one seems to have it. I would watch that movie again and again. I actually tried to watch it yesterday at Sarit but they decided to show an Indian movie instead. If I hadn’t set my mind to watching Think Like a Man, I would probably have watched the Indian movie….

I also got into a fight with one of my friends. Not a physical fight. A fight with words. It didn’t leave me feeling great and I was so excited that we had reached a new level where we could say what we felt and deal with the consequences. It means that our friendship is maturing. That was exciting, but not at first.

God also got to answer a prayer that Mrs. Adrian has had since she was a young girl in Kilifi studying under the stars and reading about far away places. God is faithful, He will never leave us nor forsake us. And that is what I am taking into this coming week!