Mrs. Adrian’s Presents


The July family meeting is coming up this weekend. During each family meeting, we get to share on what has happened in the past month, successes, failures, challenges and prayers for the future. We then pray together then share gifts with each other.

To this end, I have prepared a list of gifts that Mrs. Adrian has given us at one point or another. Why do I say all of us? In the spirit of equality, Mrs. Adrian gives all her girls the same gift each time she is presented (pun intended – or is there no pun here!) with the opportunity to give us gifts. It could be different colours, shapes, sizes or type but it will definately be the same thing for each one of us. The list also includes gifts that she has given to other people or that she has made us buy to present to people’s ceremonies.

1. Panties. For the longest time, we were sure of getting panties during Christmas. It was a given. You know how there’s cake at a birthday party? It is with the same consistency that we got panties. And we still do.

2. Handkerchiefs. The only person who uses handkerchiefs in our house is Mrs. Adrian. I don’t really know why we all had to get handkerchiefs every so often.

3. Torch (Flashlight). And yes she buys batteries too. Last month she got us new torches. And since the batteries are sold in 4’s and each torch needed 2 batteries, the present came with a disclaimer. Share the extra batteries with your sister. The first time she bought a torch was to a 10 year old’s birthday party. Hipilicious and I wanted to crawl under the carpet when the mother of the child insisted that she open the presents she was receiving from all her aunties for everyone to see. We were so embarrased and we let Mrs. Adrian know. It must have affected her because later on she told us, ‘You know, Auntie Ed’s family got into some bit of car trouble the other night. They were in the dark on a lonely road. Thank God that Liz carried the torch I had gotten her for her birthday‘……………

4. Food flasks

5. Photo albums in 2012. Does this mean that we should now print out the photos we have stored digitally? Or should we now buy cameras that require rolls of film?

6. Wall Clock. Under her instructions, Hipilicious and I had to buy a wall clock and wrap it in decorative paper and deliver it to someone during their graduation party. Em was so excited at the sight of our present. We felt so bad for her knowing that in due time (another pun intended?) her hopes for a great present would be shattered. That was like 10 years ago and I still cannot look Em in the eye.

7. Silver earrings. Which led to my love of silver jewellery. I cannot put on gold earrings and the gold ring I have was a present from my friend Irene. I actually don’t know where it is at this point and time. Funny enough, Skinny always got gold stuff but for Hipilicious and I, silver was it.

8. Mirrors. You know the metallic ones with a wire at the back to support it? Yes. Those ones….

But the best present she has ever given me was when I was moving out of her house. She bought me a microwave oven and an electric kettle. I was so sure that I was going to get a torch and panties!!

And when I asked Mrs. Adrian to remind me of all the gifts that she had given us over time that we had laughed about, she said ‘My gifts? No, you find them useful. Skinny’s gifts are the funny ones. You remember the time she gave us……

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    • Poor Mrs. T! Why don’t our folks appreciate the versatility of tissues?
      Hehehehe, I hadn’t realised that I had left that sentence hanging. Grammar Police are on POINT!! 🙂
      Hahahaha. Those photos in my album? No way. We are going on a family trip soon and we are campaigning for Mrs. Adrian to take as many photos as possible using her own camera because we are sure that we will find gems. If I find any gems, I will definitely post them here……

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