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Clothes on the floor


This is a continuation of the post on how we planned to ‘unveil’ our swimming prowess to Mrs. Adrian. We were so excited that she had finally seen us swimming and she hadn’t freaked out that when we got back home, we all trooped into her room and started removing pieces of clothing from our bags and showing her.

Ma, ma!!! This is the towel I place on the ground to soak up the sun when I am done swimming

Ma, Hipilicious swims without a pair of bikers but here are mine

Ma, my swimming costume is blue

Mine is pink. But I would like to add another colour to my collection…

And so forth and so on. And we forgot all about our swimming gear till the next day when we were preparing to go for more swimming. And we realised that we had left all our gear in Mrs. Adrian’s room. She had left for the day and her room was LOCKED! To this day, Mrs. Adrian NEVER locks her room. Her policy is that if someone wants to steal, let them go ahead and do it. Her God will return all that she will lose 100fold. So when other kids visited our house, they were always in awe, shock and wonder that our mother’s room wasn’t locked.

Anyway, Mrs. Adrian’s room was locked. What to do? We had to swim. We therefore decided to use the same method that all the kids in the estate employed when they wanted to gain access to rooms that their parents had locked. Which was to go from house to house (to as many houses as possible in the estate) and ask the kids to give you their bunch of keys. Our estate had these locks that were very similar and were only differentiated by their numbers. Most keys ranged from number 1 to maybe number 45. Therefore, if one went to about 5 houses and got all the keys for each door from each house, you were guaranteed to hit the jackpot.

Kids had become wiser. Instead of asking for the entire bunch of keys, one would mobilize about 3 or 4 friends to go house to house looking for a particular key number. We went on a quest for key number 22 and we found it within minutes. We opened the door to Mrs. Adrian’s room, got our swimming gear and off we went to Nyayo Stadium.

We came back home at about 4pm, just an hour or so before Mrs. Adrian came back home. As usual, we threw our swimming gear in the washing area and went on to relax. After thinking about it, I convinced Hipilicious that we should be clever and take back the swimming gear to Mrs. Adrian’s room.

But we will leave the room looking untidy 

But that is how she left her room in the morning before going to work

So you want us to throw the clothes around the room like they were before?

Yeah, otherwise she will know that we got into her room.

We took our swimming gear and threw clothes all over the room, trying to make it look like nothing had changed from the night before.  When Mrs. Adrian came back home, even before she said hello she said one word, ‘Upstairs‘. Now this word is normally reserved for beatings. And since we were both summoned upstairs we went and waited by the closed door. She came upstairs and asked us, ‘Did you notice that I closed my door today? Do you know what state you left my room in yesterday?’ She proceeded to open the door and gestured towards the mayhem that was our swimming gear on the floor and everywhere else, ‘What kind of girls are you? You can’t be neat at all?……etc’. We got a serious lecture. But later on when we were alone, we kept on chuckling and thinking of how it was such a close shave…. In addition to being branded untidy and dirty we would have also obtained a ‘thieves’ title!

Now please don’t show Mrs. Adrian this post, because she is STILL clueless about what happenedwith the clothes on the floor…….