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Update 23/07/2012 – Things To Do Before My Next Birthday


It has been 1 month and 8 days since I decided on my list of Things To Do Before My Next Birthday.

What’s the progress so far…..

1. Lose at least 30% of what I weighed at my last birthday

I am now at 10% lost. I had gone to 18% but due to thyroid issues, I have gained some kilos. But my energy is coming back and I am going to do this! 🙂
2. Join a book club

🙂 Done. Now to continue attending the book club. Thanks Wa Makeri. It was very enlightening!
3. Visit Kisii and tour the town.
4. Go to Mount Kenya Safari Club for the night
5. Read at least 30 of all the e-books that I have
6. Eat fish and chips in London
7. Ride a roller coaster (I am so scared of heights, this is my dare you NJENVA moment!)
8. Become a member of the new church that I have started attending

All the above haven’t been done……
9. Join a ministry at the same said church

I have joined a home ministry Bible Study group. It’s not a ministry but it is a start….
10. Learn how to walk in heels. Then I can graduate to walking properly in heels…..

Work in Progress
11. Have great hair for 30 days continuously

I always fail on day 4!! I think maybe I should start counting from mid week then this will give me targeted motivation for Thursday and Friday to be great hair days…
12. Visit at least 4 children’s homes and volunteer to spend my time with the kids
13. Ride a bike in Nairobi (for some reason, I always ride bikes in other towns, but not Nairobi!)
14. Visit Mercy, Irene, Justin and Mrs. Nyerere
15. Get new curtains for the LOFT
16. Learn how to put on make up
17. Visit the village every other month
18. Hold a housewarming party at the LOFT (2 years later……)
19. Go on an overseas trip with JINK
20. Chat up a dude 2 dudes

All the above, not yet done! Wow, I have to pull up my socks!! I thought this would be easy…..
21. Give away clothes that I have had from before January 2012

I gave away a whole bunch of clothes that are now too big for me. But all clothes from before January 2012 are not yet gone…. Work In Progress!