Njenva’s High School Diary: August 1995


(Verbatim of my high school diary. Truth be told, I also can’t remember who some of these people are! And the slang used then! WOW. )

5th August 1995

The wedding was nice and the day, clothes and everything were nice. I made friends with the new bride Annet Muthoni. She’s a sweet babe who is very nice.

The day after the wedding, when we are coming home, I am told that my hands are soft like chicken. Didn’t I get shocked? I just laughed the whole day! The matatu gets stuck at Mwea and we play till another one comes.

29th August 1995

I go to Jojo’s place for the first time and I also fall in love. FIRST SIGHT. The guy is called BM. A Kikuyu who sticks at Riara Villas. He wears spects and has weird ears. But he is very cute and nice. He talks nicely and he starts to make conversation with me. It’s like after I went, he told Jojo, ‘Your friend is beautiful’. Then she tells me. But I don’t tell her that I’m into him. Then we decide to enjoy the poor guy and ask for his address. He doesn’t believe and so he gets my phone number.

30th August 1995

BM calls me! It was kitu 7:45pm. We talk about many things. He tells me that he doesn’t believe in love at first sight, for example, pilot and air hostess. (I can’t remember how he explained that!) . He loves diving and basketball.

31st August 1995

BM calls me again and tell me why he isn’t into Nerea (who is Nerea!?). He also tells me why he can’t pull a doze with Jojo. And that I shouldn’t be telling Jojo what we talk about!

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  1. “The matatu got stuck in Mwea. We played until another one came” hahahahahahaha. Is this where I tell you I live at Riara Villas and I know BM? Lollll. I kid. Plus are your hands still soft like chicken??

  2. Pulling a doze did it for me. While there is little likelihood that you’lll still use the same language now, there is every possibility that the matatu can still get stuck in Mwea. I hope you carry games when you travel hehehe.

  3. …”It’s like after I went, he told Jojo, ‘Your friend is beautiful’”…you painted the picture in your head and went with it!! LOL! Too funny! Someone remind me what the heck ‘pull a doze’ was/is…no, was – I’m sure it’s not done anymore 🙂

    • Miss. Fyatu! Get with the program. Them days, when someone says ‘It’s like….’ it actually means that it happened. It wasn’t a picture painted, it was a statement made! 🙂 Pulling a doze? Example, you are pulling a doze with ________________ (fill in the blank!)

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