Daily Archives: August 1, 2012



Yesterday on the way home I nearly rammed into a car infront of me because I was busy rummaging the passenger seat for a piece of biscuit  that had fallen into its crevices.

Yesterday, I met a dude who was in the management team of an organisation I worked for 6 years ago. He was a snotty bug then and he still is. I didn’t say hi to him.

On the way home, I met two kids running towards the shops. One was saying, I am Kenyan and the other was screaming, I am a Maasai! The ‘Kenyan’ stopped running and said, ‘Oh my. If you are Maasai, I have to run away from you, you might have a spear and kill me like a lion‘. I don’t know why I thought it was funny.

Yesterday during Bible Study, a 7 year old boy said, ”If you do not use your money and talents to glorify God and give Him the glory, He will take these away and give them to people who are going to use them well and give Him the glory

Yesterday, I had fish and a sausage for dinner.

I was so excited not to have to deal with Jeff yesterday that I threw myself an internal party.

On the way home, I saw a matatu driver about to be lynched. He was overlapping and he hit a motorcyclist whose motorcycle was in shreds – I have no idea what happened to the rider. I also have no idea how members of the public caught up with him as they were roughing him up by the time I drove by. I was so excited to see this and was thinking, ‘Way to go. Finish him. Those matatu drivers are insane anyway‘ . Till I remembered my biscuit incident.

Yesterday I listened to one Tarrus Riley song more than 50 times!!!

Yesterday, I walked past an amazing display of cakes, pies and pastries. And I felt JACK. Nothing. Nada. Just some sort of repulsion towards the said goodies. That shocked me a bit.

I spoke with Mrs. Adrian for 1.5 units of her time yesterday morning. Her profession requires her to fill out timesheets, packaged in slots of 12 minutes. She reminded me how long we had spoken when our conversation was about to conclude.

Yesterday I shouted at my step-cousin for about 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe that I had done it because he had been annoying me for quite a while. I even made rude gestures. Thank God he couldn’t see me on the other side of the phone. And I told him that if our conversation was cut shot because he didn’t have enough airtime, he would have hell to pay. He’s so lucky, his airtime held out.

Yesterday I slept before mid night. Which is a major achievement. But the disadvantage was that I was awake by 4am. Wide awake.

Yesterday I slept with a hot water bottle. A first for me! I have always blow dried my bedsheets and blankets while in the bed during the cold weather.

Yesterday was a good day!