Daily Archives: August 6, 2012

Yaya Centre


My friend Nas and I had a blast window shopping around Yaya Centre last Saturday. We went around 2 floors – 1st and 2nd, got into a couple of shops and didn’t find anything really great to buy. On our way out, we realized that her handbag had been pickpocketed and her iPhone had been stolen. Would you believe it? At Yaya Centre?!

What was surprising was that they really don’t have any procedures for such occurrences. We were bounced off from one office to the other, there was no where to record a statement and the guy ‘with the keys to the security office’ where the CCTV cameras are stored had left for the day (before 5pm). The security guard who finally helped us, wrote Nas’s details on a piece of paper and she was the one instructing him about what information he needed to save.

Just reminded me that we should all be careful with our personal belongings everytime we are in a public place.