Daily Archives: August 16, 2012

Fed up with visas


I have been through a series of visa application procedures and I am getting fed up with it. I thank God because I have not been denied any visa. I am just fed up with how we literally have to beg other countries to let us in. It isn’t funny how we are required to display our lives to some country representatives for them to vet and decide whether we are worthy to step on their land. It is just annoying. I know a couple of us have made a nuisance of ourselves in foreign lands but should we all suffer? I also understand that with 9/11 and with Al-Qaeda activities, it might be important for any country to know who is coming in or leaving.

But really! For someone to be denied a visa because they ‘show signs of not coming back to their country’. How was that evaluated or measured? Was it because they had shifty eyes? Does having a mortgage or a job or a healthy bank account mean that I can’t visit a country and disappear in it’s chinks?

What about the ‘doesn’t have enough funds to support their stay’ reason for denying a visa. How many foreign bums (not intended to be derogatory) are there in this country? Did they have to show that they had enough funds to support their stay when planning their trip? Did anyone even ask them whether they had enough bus fare from the airport to wherever it was they were planning to go?

I have a friend who has been unable to visit a particular country to visit her family. She started applying about 15 years ago. Her family was relocating and they all got visas and permits but she didn’t get one. She has been re-applying since then. She relocated to another country and tried applying from there. Her application was rejected. The reason for the decline from the new country?  ‘The same reason that led to your application being rejected in your home country is also valid here’. Seriously! A reason that was valid 15 years ago is still valid now!?

What to do when our country heavily relies on tourism for foreign exchange earnings? Sigh. I need to make my next visa application, let me strategize on how to beg another country to let me in.