Daily Archives: August 21, 2012



Why do I have so many questions and such few answers?

Why do I feel so tired in the mornings and so alert at night?

Why does it annoy me when someone’s phone rings during church?

Why do I fear being on the roads in Kenya?

Why is it that every time I put on my worst clothes I meet some very important person?

Why do I waste so much time in the morning before starting on my work?

Why does the person you admire the most say the most hurtful things to you?

Why do people hate Mondays?

Why is my finger nail falling off?

Why do I forget to read my Bible Study guide every week and only remember the day before the actual Bible Study?

Why haven’t I gotten new curtains for the Loft?

Why do I get so pressed (number 1) on my way home even if I just went to the shops!?

Why do I compare myself to other people and get hurt in the process?

Why is time before my annual leave begins dragging so much?

Why can’t I ever get enough sleep even if I sleep for 24hours continuously?

Why am I not happy with my new camera?

Why am I not losing weight as fast as I would like?

Why do I get to have such an awesome mother?