To Do List: Weekend of 25th August


1. Shop for Bancy and her kids at Maasai Market – what do kids like!?

2. Call Mercy – haven’t spoken to her this year

3. Attend a training and exercise boot camp at Karura forest

4. Arrange my spare bedroom and throw out clutter

5. Eat within my calorie limits

6. Not eat fries or potatoes

7. Schedule my posts for September – and send an e-mail to Wa Makeri and Ciiku requesting them to help me. 🙂 Anyone else want to help?

8. Keep aside dry foods that have been in storage from last year

9. Go to Toi Market to buy clothes

10. Walk on Sunday evening – at least 7 kms.

11. Read at least 2 books

12. Give the last shot at getting ‘Oil on Water’ for the book club

13. De-stress by visiting Mrs. Adrian. Maybe I should sleep over at her house on Saturday…. Hmmmm….Thinking about it……

14. Respond to all my whatsapp messages – aki I am not even serious

15. Avoid Miss. P and C

Have a great weekend y’all!!!


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  1. 1) are you looking for the book oil on water or are you trying to read it?
    2) if you run out of guest post bloggers for Sept, you can recruit me. A partial post it will have to be 🙂
    3) yeah sleepover at Mrs. Adrian’s and take her a just because gift 🙂
    4) woiyee you haven’t forgiven Miss P. and C? You should accost Miss P. and tell her , oh by the way I got the impression you had forgotten my name when we had the misfortune of being stuck outside and since we probably will be neighbors for a while, I’d rather you know my name incase of anything so… Hi (as you extend your hand and smile a smile that doesn’t fika your eyes) Am Njenva! Then you saunter away.

    • 1) I am looking for the book so that I can read it
      2) Woohoo!! You will be receiving a request very soon.
      3) Would you believe it that I am currently at her house and will be sleeping over? 🙂 She seemed excited for a while, now she is just ignoring me!
      4) I like your idea. Really, really like it!

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