Daily Archives: August 27, 2012

The Weekend That Was……


After setting goals and planning for the weekend, how did I fare?

1. Shop for Bancy and her kids at Maasai Market – what do kids like!? Done! 

2. Call Mercy – haven’t spoken to her this year – Sigh. Didn’t call Mercy!

3. Attend a training and exercise boot camp at Karura forest – Arrived so late that I couldn’t even participate. Took the time to walk around Karura instead. I will definately be back, didn’t know Karura forest was so peaceful!

4. Arrange my spare bedroom and throw out clutter – Ahem, who put this down as my plan?

5. Eat within my calorie limits – I think I managed to do this! 🙂

6. Not eat fries or potatoes – On Friday I ate mashed potatoes, but it wasn’t the weekend :-). On Sunday I ate some bhajias so I totally failed on this one.

7. Schedule my posts for September – and send an e-mail to Wa Makeri and Ciiku requesting them to help me. :-)Anyone else want to help? Sigh. E-mail not sent. To send out sometime within 72 hours…..And Mirish will be included….

8. Keep aside dry foods that have been in storage from last year  There was NO time do to this! At all!

9. Go to Toi Market to buy clothes – Used too much money buying stuff in Toi. And also wasted too much time. Was there for about 5 hours!!

10. Walk on Sunday evening – at least 7 kms. – Walked on Saturday instead. And I walked for about 5 kilometers, in 2 sessions. 

11. Read at least 2 books – Read one book, cover to cover – Theodora’s Wedding. It was HILARIOUS. Read two chapters of John Grisham’s The Innocent Man and a chapter of The Watchers by Mark Andrew Olsen. The Innocent Man will be read this week. The Watchers will be read while on holiday – it seems scary, Frank Perretti style!

12. Give the last shot at getting ‘Oil on Water’ for the book club – Didn’t quite make the effort. I think I may have given up! 🙂 

13. De-stress by visiting Mrs. Adrian. Maybe I should sleep over at her house on Saturday…. Hmmmm….Thinking about it…… Visited on Friday and slept over. Visited briefly on Saturday as well.

14. Respond to all my whatsapp messages – aki I am not even serious – Woi. Didn’t quite finish responding to all the messages……

15. Avoid Miss. P and C – Done very very well. But thanks to Mirish, I now have a plan for when I meet them next.