My Step Sister


I once worked at an organisation where I was the person that the outside world got in touch with when they wanted to gain useful employment :-). I therefore got to interact with very many people. But in 2006 or 2007 one lady was outstanding. She would call every morning for about 1 month and she would say the same thing: Njenva, I hope you are having a great morning. My daughter is looking for internship and she has selected your organisation. When can she start? There are no open positions yet? Not to worry, I will call tomorrow.

And this went on for a while. Till she went silent. And after a month or so, she called and told me how grateful she was that her daughter had finally gotten internship with our organisation. What!? I didn’t do a thing. Who is her daughter? After a bit of investigating (GO, DERRICK SOCIETY!) I found out that her daughter was a hottie who had joined a department that was predominantly male. And I remember that she had caused quite a stir when she started working…. Anyway, I barely interacted with her.

My sister Skinny is an ardent supporter and life member 🙂 of AFLEWO and she is usually on the front line to join it’s choir every year. I guess it was in 2008 when she headed a team of about 10 people in AFLEWO and she invited her team home for lunch. One of her group members turned out to be the intern who worked with me and after seeing my photo on the wall (embarrassing silence……. ) she was so excited to find out how small the world really was. Apparently, I was one of the people who was nice to her at that organisation – which I had since left.

Fast forward to mid 2008 when I was invited by a friend to go for a road trip (which I will blog about one day!) to the Coast and guess who was there? Yeah, this world is a ballgum. Time had passed, she had graduated top student in her year with a first class degree and was now employed by one of the fastest growing financial institutions in Kenya and she was the only other person I knew. We were roommates during that trip and that was when I stole Skinny’s friend.

Our friendship grew by leaps and bounds and we have done the weirdest things together. We once decided to watch movies after work and didn’t tell each other that we were going to come with company. So when I got there, her boyfriend was with her and Mrs. Adrian was trailing behind me….. It was very interesting……. We could even say that she became part of our family. When I still lived at home, if 2 weekends went by and she didn’t pass by or sleepover, Mrs. Adrian was known to ask, ‘Oh, she got a new boyfriend?“, because that is the only time she would ditch us!

During Easter this year, I went onto yet another roadtrip,(organised by the same people as the earlier roadtrip mentioned – I will definitely have to blog about this!) , this time to Kampala. During the journey we played the ‘2 truths and 1 lie’ game. When it was my turn to play, this is what I said:

1. I used to be in the junior national swimming team

2. I have walked from Naivasha to Nairobi

3. I have a step sister

Let me give you a chance to guess which is the lie…… Ehe, what do you think?

Clearly, since it is mostly the same crowd that goes for the roadtrips, they knew what the lie was. Shock on me. Gee said that the lie was number 1. Huh!? SHE THOUGHT I HAD A STEP-SISTER? How now? Till after some prodding, she explained that she thought I was referring to her as my step-sister and she was hurt that I didn’t think of her as my sister. I felt so sad because I had hurt her feelings and I actually consider her to be like a sister to me. But step-sister!? I still laugh when I think about it!

GEE, you are the only step-sister I will ever have and I miss you. 

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