Daily Archives: September 3, 2012



My dear September,

How I have longed for you. I have been waiting for you to come around since last year July. I wasn’t sure that you would be as bright or as lovely as you are. I wasn’t sure that I would be ready for you. But wow, you have come with great glad tidings, with good health, wonderful friends, numerous blessings and happy memories to be made.

To this end, I dedicate you to happiness, joy and friendship. How will I do this? I will request my friends to help me write about some of their most memorable days and share this with you. I hope that their stories will inspire you, my dear September, and make you happy too!

I will not be available to blog and write loads but my friends will be available to interact with you, so please, September, don’t feel too lonely without me.

Your loving friend,