Happiest Day of Your Life


In primary school, language teachers were very fond of asking us to write about our happiest days. I’m sure they had a blast laughing at some of our attempts to write about this day.

For some of us, this is a day when our achievements have been broadcasted for the whole world to see and for others it could simply have been a day when you achieved a small personal goal. Whatever the case, this month I am going to celebrate our happiest days by going down memory lane.

I requested some people to share their happiest days and the responses to that were as varied as the number of people I requested. A sample of the responses I got:

1. I have never had a happy day. Even in primary school I used to fake a happy day composition

2. What? LOL!

3. GREAT IDEA. But I really can’t think of anything

4. I have too many happy days I will not be able to select one day

5. Me? Write? And compete with YOUR writing? (Njenva’s eyes rolled!)

6. Nice! How many words? 300? Is that life a full page or a half page? (What kind of page I wonder! – Njenva’s note)

7. This is such a great idea. Seeing as you will be getting lots of stories, I volunteer my services to help you edit the stories, I will be of better use to you than if I was writing!

8. Okay, when do you need it?

9. Stop disturbing me.


Yes, you saw right, some people just ignored me! 🙂

Let me just say, I am very HAPPY with the stories I am getting so far. I must admit that some stories are not what I expected but I am happy with that. Happiness is relative. What makes you happy probably annoys someone else in this world. And my happiest day to date? Well, watch this space! 🙂

What has been your happiest day so far?

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