What makes Njenva happy!


What makes me happy? I tried putting down a list of activities/events that make me really happy. I know it is not exhaustive seeing as I hadn’t planned and thought through this list but here goes (not in the order that gives me the most joy sensations….) :

1. Long drives at night with loud music blazing from the speakers

2. Singing out loud with Hipilicious and Skinny

3. Playing charades with Hipilicious, Skinny, Gee or Janet in my team

4. Hanging out with Masha

5. Driving around with Tabz (sorry, Mrs. Gor) while listening to new ragga joints

6. Watching a movie for the 2nd or 3rd time at the theatres with someone who hasn’t watched it. I keep on waiting to see their reactions to the scary/’OMG’/horrible/twisted parts….

7. Watching Stardust and saying the lines with the actors

8. Visiting new places – not the journey there but the time there….

9. Cooking sessions with Sippa and Headmaster

10. Arguing sessions with Mrs. Adrian, Skinny and Hipilicious

11. Walking with Headmaster or Pastor Andrew. Headmaster and I used to walk for about 10 kilometers every Saturday morning. We haven’t done that in a while!

12. Sleepovers!

13. Planning parties and entertaining guests

14. Writing. I don’t know whether it makes me happy or it is just therapeutic

15. Reading books. All kinds of books. I like reading The Presence OVER and OVER!

16. Mchongoano sessions

17. Hanging out WITH myself. This makes me VERY  happy!

18. Seeing Mrs. Adrian laugh till she can’t sit up straight

19. Surprise gifts and presents. Hint, hint!

20. Weighing or measuring myself and finding that I have lost something. A centimeter, gram, whatever! 🙂

What makes YOU happy?

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  1. 1. Seeing my family / friends achieve something that they have been working so hard on or have been looking forward to.
    2. Talking to my grandpa aka Bullet or Pastor
    3. Being babied by my parents and older sister
    4. Talking to babes (not Ciiku’s babes but my babes)
    5. People watching – I get immense pleasure from this!
    6. Sitting under the tree in shags eating mangoes or just chilling in my makeshift hammock fighting flies. Lol
    7. Traveling anywhere – journey + time there
    8. Figuring out something complex. I give myself numerous high fives.
    9. Reading
    10. Praise & Worship
    11. Family session. This is hands down when am happiest especially when we think we are telling our folks a “secret” we’ve kept for years just to learn they knew all along or dad telling us of his style of “katiaring” mom. It never gets old.

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