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The Day I Will Never Forget


Guest Posts begin!

This story is by my friend Zinma. I have known Zin for quite a while now….actually more than 8 years. We have always had similar circles of friends that resulted in us being thrown together during various activities. Zin has a big heart. She forgave me for hitting her during a fit of morning rage. And below is her story.


It turns out I was among the best writers back in primary and high schools when it came to writing compositions. (But do I say?) But seriously in those early, formative years my teachers felt that I was very creative and even some of them ‘prophesied’ that I would one day work for a media house. And it came to pass. So one of my favorite topics was like the one aforementioned. It allowed me the liberty and the chance to ‘brew’ my creative juices and just write. Needless to say, most of those compositions were not real-life experiences. Come on, I was only under 18! Simply existing, but not living. What could I possibly have gone through to write home about?

Fast forward more than a decade later and I cannot help but think that those were the best days of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life now but back then…? Let’s just say I loved being a kid. One of the things I value most in life is LIBERTY. You know, the fearless freedom to be yourself, to grow, and most importantly to make mistakes and get away with them! I mean it. Primary school gave me that. I mean I would make mistakes, sometimes get punished for them but everyone said, she still so young, she is growing up. So in a sense, yeah, I got away with a lot! Secondly, I was allowed to join any club I wanted without having to think about whether or not I was gifted. I tried football, had a go at hockey, badminton then it hit me…I’m not a sports person. So I joined drama! Boy was I good at it or what? I was great at it! In fact in Primary I was the school comedian! Whenever we had those special occasions, I was always asked to come up with something to make the guests laugh. It was effortless!

But the thing that gave me the best experiences was Scouting. I travelled far and wide and met all kinds of people. I almost went abroad but…(A story for another day). The numerous excursions to various mountains and forests across the country will always provide some of the most memorable moments in my life. One time, we had a chance to travel to Paxtu in Nyeri. This is where the founders of Scouting, Lord and Lady Baden Powell lived, died, and were buried. So as part of the commemorations we were required to match like policemen through the streets of Nyeri. Prior to that various troops had a chance to display their drills and our team came tops! Not just that, but it also produced the best troop commander! The reward? To lead thousands of scouts that had gathered that day throughout the procession. This is me, so tiny but so authoritative leading thousands of scouts on the streets of Nyeri. I was ecstatic! It was epic! A day I will never forget!