Babes surprises me


This post is by Ciiku. The friend who got me started with blogging. And a great encouragement in all things LIFE.


I think most people think I will write about our wedding day being the best day of my life. And it is one of the best days of my life but that is too obvious to write about. And I have written enough about it on my blog.

I woke up that morning early because I had a date with my then boyfriend. And also, cause I had slept on the floor on a mattress. I was not in the mood and I even considered trying to change his mind about the morning date.  I woke up, showered and dressed rather poorly. Which is if you know me, is not surprising.

He came to pick me up and was speeding, which is so characteristic of him. I was sleepy and cold. But I was going to a new place and breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day. The place we went was and is …. Awesome. My mood… not so much. We ate, chatted, I spent some time on my phone at the breakfast table which is really not a good look if I may say so myself.  After eating breakfast,  he insisted that we had to go look at the view. My mind was really not into it to say the truth and this is why I was so surprised when I saw flowers and I saw him on his knee, with a ring, asking me to make him the happiest man in the world.

OK seriously….. was this happening.

The day that started so blah was turning out pretty sweet.

After I said yes and had a little joyous celebration, we hugged, we kissed and my heart was the happiest it had been. I can’t even tell you what happened the rest of the day but this much I can tell you, the day babes proposed to me remains ingrained in my heart.

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