Daily Archives: September 13, 2012

Chronologically Speaking


This post is by one of my most favourite people on earth. Masha and I have been friends for over 10 years (I think). And I get so humbled to be involved in his super exciting life. I hope that in the future, his wife and my husband will become pals too because really, they have no choice. 


The best hour of my life

Is the best day of my life,

Seems like the best year of my life

An unwritten book with decades of my life

Every moment is a stair higher

Every person, a connection closer

Every conversation an ideal realized

A collection of jars of growth.


I’m standing at the counter. We’ve paid 10,000 Kenya shillings for my passport. It’s a bribe. What people get in three weeks to a month, I’m getting in two hours. Now I know the government is just lazy. Tomorrow I leave for India. I’m happy.


Mumbai smells like Slumdog Millionaire shows it smells…and it’s thousands of feet before you land. It is beautiful here…hot but beautiful. This is the film capital of India and I’ll be on a shoot tomorrow. I’m happy.


I just graduated. A party awaits me back home, but my father thinks we should share meat before we get there. He hands me the best piece and tells me he’s proud of me. We take pictures together. I’m happy.


I’m the first of the interns to get a big role in the company. What they will do in three months, I’m doing after a month. I know now it’s not all about training. Tomorrow I start on screen. I can’t stop smiling.


I’ve just left the concert hall to meet my little brother.

“Come join me, it’s just guitars in there.” I tell him and his fiancé.

“We have to go. We just wanted to say hi.” He says. “Don’t be so lost. You know I’m alone now.”

I hug him and bid them goodbye. I’m back in the concert…the music sounds better now. I’m happy.