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Of Accolades and Appreciation


Warhia is someone who totally scares me, even though she is a Mwafperson. I am scared of Warhia. I said it. But her writing? Far from scary. And why she chose to write a guest post about a person instead of a day, I don’t know. And I was too scared to ask her….. 🙂


She defines the word “interesting with benefits.”

She put me on a task. “Bla bla bla away bla bla guest post bla bla bla if you are up to it.” Her mail asking me to guest post a piece on her blog came much more organized than my mind read it. Selective amnesia is cool. She is cooler. I have known her for a long/short time depending with how you view 3-4 years.

I met her in rather awkward set up. I was with a bunch of strangers from a team building session. She was with a bunch of strangers from a Bible Study. Ok not much of strangers, they were guys we had chatted in social forums but never put faces on to the names. It was awkward because for all the yappings we did online, we didn’t have much to say face to face. I have this stutter that has a life of its own and it hits at most inopportune times. Sometimes I blame this stutter for not having a pet in my house if not settled down. The nervousness that dances on my tongue no matter how hard I have rehearsed my lines in front of a mirror (which I later broke for not being honest with me), leaves me astonished. I have come to accept it as a God-given thorn in my flesh among other weaknesses.

First forward >> >>>

She and I aren’t really tight – you know the kind of tightness that involves calling her at 3am when I have a running stomach and don’t know what to do? Or the usual girl excitement when you find a great pair of kicks in Nairobi’s bend-down boutique (street hawkers) and you call your pal jumping up and down the street about it? Given, I’m certain she’d pick up my calls and later send me a text congratulating me for getting in touch with my feminine side.  Which explains why I find her interesting. She is one of those people whose image come to mind when asked what I think about life. Her. Life. She embraces life like it should be with clearly drawn boundaries yet at the same time living it LIKE THIS. Huge. Exaggerated truth to the adage, she eats life with a spade since a spoon, is too mainstream.

And then there is the little aspect of her faith. I’ll occasionally think that if Jesus had an AOB list of people to die for, I’d feature beneath the lot as people like her are way up there on God’s Saving plan top 3. Thinking about it now, I love this relationship she has with God. The kind that says “y’all can go to hell if you find this God thing too much work“. For a split second, you could become envious of God, that He’s the subject of her worship.

She is one of those people whom if you catch a glimpse of them when they are absent minded, you can tell they have been to hell and back and once in a while, the devil shows p to dutifully check if her faith is as solid like his last visit. In a previous life, I must have been a cat, the curiosity nini nini. I should ask her some of these stories one of these fine days but today, today I speculate. She sure does have eyes that say been there done that so what’s new. Her warmth grows on you instantly – at least for me it did. And I am hard to please #truestory (story for another day). May be her warmth is to blame for her big heart which makes a selfish ninja or two take advantage of her. She is big-hearted so it goes without saying that when someone hurts her, the arrows pierce further than cupid’s.

Two traits I unashamedly admire her for:

She is a stickler to details especially when it comes to time. She differentiates the times and seasons at hand. The kind of lady that knows when to ditch her fork and eat her ugali with her hands. Time is of essence and how she passionately talks about details on an item, you can almost tell that it has come with years of mastering time. The kind that comes from someone who used to waste time at some part of her life until a moment of reckoning hit her hard and square. Or the kind that takes the scripture understanding times and seasons like the sons of Issachar at heart.I don’t think she keeps a diary more like she got an impressive memory that occasionally works on overdrive but eventually get things done, deadlines beat.

She is a reader. I love people who read beyond 8.4.4. People who slow down enough to enjoy a good read are ninjas you should consider for friends. She has a tv but I could almost swear that it has gathered a thin layer of dust compared to her books collection. We happen to have a similar liking in literature. Finding friends with similar passions as far as literature goes, is a whole feat. Obviously my eyes lit up when I discovered this.

I’m gonna hug you!

So there you have Njenva.

You are appreciated – I’ll work on doing this often.

Oh and I will work on a serious guest post next week. LOL!