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The Best Day of My Life?


Today’s post is from someone I have never met. Yes, you read right. I have never met FlAwA but we have been in communication via Mwafpeeps – on chat, forums, Facebook – but have never met physically. I like reading from her. She thinks like a person with 90 years of experience but is actually quite young…. 🙂


Everyone has their own standards as to what makes a day good. Godly and wicked standards exist in equal measure, all dependent on one’s heart.

From Bible stories it is clear that only the Godly have a goodly end. It is written that the wicked may appear to be prosperous, but their end is never good for they will be cut off – Psalms 37:9. It appears at the time of writing The Bible it was not that hard to be patient for a goodly end, I mean, we are talking about people whose fastest means of transport was a donkey – I take it the ship was for those of high social standing, the businessmen and the like. They were used to waiting for a good end, a classical example being Jacob, who
worked for a wife for 14 good years.

These stories appear fictitious to us – well at least to me – because we don’t know what it’s like to wait. Technological revolution hinges itself on making work easier and achieving results faster. None of us would send a “Hello, how are you, just wrote to say hi” letter via Post Office to a friend halfway across the world, not with all these free – and of course very fast – emailing services at our disposal, or send a runner to another city to deliver a package.. We know how to have it fast and we don’t know life any other way.

Donkey with a rider and guide

Be it as it may, if God is not a respecter of persons – Acts10:34 then I doubt if He is a respecter of ages. Bible Principles are for all time, all generations and all ages. If they waited in 200 BC, and it worked for them, then we probably have to wait in the 21st Century, and have faith that it is for the best.

Patience is indeed a godly virtue, one of the fruits of God’s Spirit,Galatians 5:22. It’s a hard choice to make between living for the short-term and for the long-term with all this ‘instantness’ in our world today. You are the odd one out if yours takes too long. It therefore remains to be a choice between living for men versus living for God, the only worthy kind of living there is.

It has never been easy living for God; otherwise we would all be in that boat. A choice no one can make for you. Making the choice to start is important, but even more important is making the choice to finish what you started. The best day of my life is the day I will finish mine.