Daily Archives: September 18, 2012

Happiest Day of My Life


My sister  Hipilicious agreed to write a guest post. That she agreed was a huge surprise. I was so glad that she went ahead and was among the first to submit a post.


Very early in life I learnt that it is possible to die at any time and this has made me take risks that normal people (read my family) wouldn’t. The first time I fell off a swing, I was so sure I heard two cracks – one in my head and another across my rib cage area. It was at this point that I screamed while on the floor for God to forgive me my sins. I remember getting out of that trance and found my older sister Njenva laughing her skinny self off because she thought it was hilarious that I would ask God to forgive me yet we were had snuck into a private property and were using the swings illegally. I believe this experience unleashed the adrenaline junkie in me.

On a bright morning, together with my two lovely sisters – Hype girl (Njenva) and Dolz (Skinny) – we set out to a theme park that is known to have some crazy roller coaster rides. At this point I already know the drill after each crazy looking ride.

Hype girl: (Who always has serious look while asking): Ehe how was that ride?

Me: It was ok (Not much to say after your tummy feels like it has just gone through a washing machine)

Hype Girl: Seriously how was it?……

This back and forth usually goes for about 7 minutes because she looks more excited than I who was on the ride.

Dolz: (Who can’t go down the SPLASH Waterworld water slides) “Check out the photos I got from your ride on that”

Me: Dolz, all I can see are my legs and other blurry images

Dolz: Yeah that ride was really fast! So which one are you going for next?

So on this particular day I decide to edit a few truths on some rides I have done before. Being the caring sister, I feel that they are missing out on a big adventure 🙂

Me: Hype girl, let’s do this one. The turn is usually smooth and in no time we will be done.

Hype girl: Hell No!

Me: I’ll hold your hand……

She agrees…… I still don’t believe it but she agrees. The bell goes off, the ride gets to a roaring start and in under 25 seconds we are done……The look on Hype girls face is priceless. My hand is limp and I am not too sure if the bones are intact but that wont rub the smile off my face because there is such a sense of fulfillment because I talked her into it.

At this point Dolz is so impressed but isn’t  budging.

We end up at a ride which is full of kids and we convinve her that it’s a sign of how safe and friendly the ride is. The bell goes off and all I can hear from Dolz’s direction from that point on is pure mother tongue, her calling on the Lord and my name being called out after every two seconds.

An afternoon spent with my two best friends, having participated in one of my favourite activities and overcoming their fears in the process was by far the happiest day of my life.