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This post is from my nephew (my late cousin’s only son) Baraka. He is a journalist who is VERY wordy. In talking and in writing. While hanging out with him, I often remind him that he doesn’t need to talk, the world will not explode if he is quiet. When sending the request to people to help me with the September Guest Posts, I had requested for a minimum of 300 words of a true story. He sent me 1,401 words of a fictional story of how he will propose to his girlfriend. I gave him a second chance 🙂 and reminded him that I needed a TRUE story with not more than 300 words. He then sent me a true story with about 800 words which I was able to edit to about 720……..


Some time back in primary school I had a ”desky”  whose name was Rita. All along Rita and I had been good friends. She would do the most “awkward” jobs for me, like taking notes for me when I was sick. Have you ever had this one person that really understands you? Rita was my answer back then. The most weird thing that got us talking was my ears! She said she had someone special in her life who had the same ears as mine…Who cares if we have the same ears and eyes? No one!

Class 7W was the most notorious one with characters from all walks of Kilifi county. I had friends who really hated Rita because she was the class representative and she was also smart in class. We would usually have our normal talk sessions in class but when the list of noise makers was being produced somehow my name was missing! Everyone in class was agitated by this act of “favor” by the class rep and decided to sort of the help of the class teacher.
Mr. Bwata came to make sure that there was harmony in the class and somehow a solution was found. Rita got demoted! Life wasn’t easy for her and she was undergoing a lot of pressure from the newly elected leader. Rita never talked about losing “the job” but she was happy that at least she could concentrate in her studies…psst…. I knew deep down in her heart, it was hurting.

The new leader decided to pay back to the demoted Rita. Peter was always doing his best to make sure that Rita’s name would appear on the list of noise makers. Rita would go out of the class and do the punishment and that really annoyed me. I decided that I had to help Rita but the question was how? None of my friends was willing to help! How would I make my friends like her? Well, maybe through spending time with them and that wasn’t a good idea for her. One afternoon hell broke loose and I had to say that it was enough. Peter had done the unthinkable and written Rita’s name on the list. I tried to tell him that he had to chuck it and he poured all sorts of insult to her.

I couldn’t hold back my temper and ended up in a situation that got me to the Deputy’s Head teachers office. Everyone could not imagine I had done the stupidest thing –“fight because of a girl”. The Deputy’s verdict was that I had to go home and come back with my parent. My first thoughts were to come back with my grandma but I knew that it would be another story, with her having to solve a case involving girls! So my mum had to come to my rescue. I told my mum about the whole issue and she was really mad that I ended up fighting. And she asked whether Rita was my girlfriend? ‘Of course Rita isn’t my girlfriend,’ I told her.

Inside the teacher’s office things took a different turn when my mum said that she had to see this girl that got me into a fight………that was really embarrassing!! When Rita came to the office my mom introduced herself to Rita and we were allowed to go out of the office so that I could wait for my fate. My mum came out of the office and told Rita to go back to class and the unimaginable happened.

My mum said, “If anyone touches Rita again beat them really hard. She is your step-sister”. WHAT!? So who is the person with ears similar to mine? My dad (who I had never met!)? Or my step-brother? Mother said there was a lot she needed to tell me but for that time I should let Rita know about our relationship. I went to class and before I could utter a word Rita said she knew all along and that she was waiting for the day I would ask. Why did she hide that information from me? How long was I to be in the dark? I couldn’t control my tears and I took my backpack and left school for home.  And that was one day that I can never forget.