When Mrs. Adrian got a happy tongue!


I know it is October (HAPPY OCTOBER!). But who can refuse to include a guest post by their own mother!? Please welcome Mrs. Adrian to the world of blogging, her piece below was extracted by force from her eldest daughter.


How frustrating it is when you really know that it is important to receive something and you are not receiving it and there is no formula of receiving it.

I was born again attending a pentecostal church where one of the tenents of faith is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues as evidence of the infilling.  I sought God’s face and prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit for over two years of my salvation. Then one day on a Tuesday, I visited Keswick Bookshop to buy books.  As I was looking at the books, I saw a little book relating to questions and answers on speaking in tongues.  I had become very hungry and thirsty for this topic. So I bought the book and read it.  That evening, I attended the evening service at our church. I could not believe it when I found that the preacher was a visiting pastor and he was preaching on the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  You can imagine how glad I was.  I listened to the servant of God and when an altar call was made for those who wished to be filled, I was one of those who answered the call.

I was overjoyed when my tongue  started uttering unknown syllables.  I left the church that night knowing that God had come through for me. On the way home,  I was just babbling about the goodness of God. I still enjoy speaking in tongues.


N.B. Njenva will be on recess till 20th October.  Please take this time to read any posts that you haven’t read before! 🙂


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  1. Great to hear from you Mrs. Adrian! An inspiring post – don’t give up.

    @Njenva – 20th October like for reals? Lol. Enjoy your break.

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