Daily Archives: October 22, 2012

Hello and How Are You?


Hello Good People! I have missed blogging so much, was at some point wondering why I gave myself an extra 2 weeks after my holiday to resume blogging. All the same, the last 2 weeks have been so busy; I just know I would not have been able to write anything at all.

First, I would really like to thank all my guest bloggers. I think they all outdid themselves and I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the happy days they have experienced. Some didn’t write about their happy days but I am not going to complain, I think I was happy with everything that was written. Topics ranged from stray cats, engagement, family secrets, torturing sisters, strange tongues to imaginary elephants and self-generated happiness. I would really like to thank all who participated and also those who have kept on reading my blog.

Not to point fingers (or URLs!) but one Pappa was wondering why I didn’t include him in my list of guest bloggers….. So I have made a resolution to go on another holiday soon and I will be calling for guest bloggers again! The first post will be from Pappa! 🙂

Okay, an update on my things to do before my next birthday……..(127 days to go!)

  1. Lose at least 30% of what I weighed at my last birthday – HAHAHAHAHA. If only I had been serious in the last 2 months. I will not blame the time out that led to me adding on 3kgs. How do you NOT eat Italian ice cream in Italy? Or German sausages in Germany! I am now at 13% lost. I still have about 4 months. Let’s see how this goes. I still have hope
  2. Join a book club
  3. Visit Kisii and tour the town – I am planning to do this before Christmas. I have already forced my colleague Mo into this plan, thinking of inviting more people so that it becomes a proper road trip.
  4. Go to Mount Kenya Safari Club for the night – Not yet done. Crossing my fingers that this will be paid for me! Our local boss is planning to take the entire office there for a week. If the venue is changed I will have to make a plan….
  5. Read at least 30 of all the e-books that I have – This is such a challenge! I think I may have only read about 5 and that’s an estimate on the higher side. I should have just said e-books then I would also include new books that I have since obtained. I have to blog about a series of books I read while on holiday. Gave me nightmares, those books. And they were Christian fiction books! But they changed my life.
  6. Eat fish and chips in London
  7. Ride a roller coaster (I am so scared of heights, this is my dare you NJENVA moment!) I actually rode about 12 roller coasters. My favorite was this one and my worst one was this one.
  8. Become a member of the new church that I have started attending – Waiting for the next time they will announce new members intake….
  9. Join a ministry at the same said church – Dependent on number 8 above…..
  10. Learn how to walk in heels. Then I can graduate to walking properly in heels….. – I have lots of faith in this one. I got me quite a number of heels. I now walk in heels in the house but I still lean on the walls for support quite a bit… 🙂 I wore this one pair to the office last week and I felt like I had dislocated my left toe. Who created heels!? Don’t tell me who did, I might just punch them really hard.
  11. Have great hair for 30 days continuously Thanks to tiny Kenyatta Market braids and cold weather this actually came to pass!
  12. Visit at least 4 children’s homes and volunteer to spend my time with the kids – My pal is planning a visit on 10th November so I plan to tag along get on with completing this target.
  13. Ride a bike in Nairobi (for some reason, I always ride bikes in other towns, but not Nairobi!) – My friend Shish made this sound so easy, I am wondering why I put this here. Yes, I am blaming her! 😛
  14. Visit Mercy, Irene, Justin and Mrs. Nyerere
  15. Get new curtains for the LOFT – I nearly got some curtains. Sigh. That didn’t work. So I am still using pillows to cover the lower part of my living room window otherwise the security guards will get a free show of the Loft’s happenings….. Seriously, can’t I just get nice curtains?
  16. Learn how to put on make up – Someone I know has opened a make up school at the Greenhouse. I am going to make an appointment for one class. When? I dunno!
  17. Visit the village every other month – I haven’t visited the village this month…..
  18. Hold a housewarming party at the LOFT (2 years later……) – Someone told me to stop calling it a housewarming party, the house is already HOT. This will happen early December. I need a sieve, shower cap, slippers, gas cooker with an oven, serving dishes/hot pots, large mirror, tv stand (goodness, didn’t think my wish list is that long!)
  19. Go on an overseas trip with JINK – Tentatively, this will happen at the end of January. I’m praying that the entire JINK crew will be able to travel. Seeing as there is a Mombasa JINK trip happening this week………
  20. Chat up a dude 2 dudes – Not done. And can people please stop asking me whether I got any telephone numbers during my holiday or whether anyone will be calling me regularly!? With that said, I really appreciated the dudes in Ghana. That should be a post by itself….
  21. Give away clothes that I have had from before January 2012 – I gave away another large batch last week. I included shoes that I hadn’t worn in a while too. I think if I make number 1 a reality, this will also become a reality.

I appreciate the time that you take to read my blog. Have a great week ahead!