Daily Archives: October 23, 2012

Mrs. Adrian’s Version of Europe


Mrs. Adrian got another stab at unprofessional photography during our trip. She got very upset with us as we kept on trying to focus our cameras to get ‘good’ photos and came up with her own brand of photos which we named ‘Twanga’. When she saw anything that was of interest to her, she just pressed the button, without focusing or any such thing as ensuring that her subject was within the frame. And she would also say, ‘Twanga’ out loud while taking the photo, letting us realize how many photos we were missing out on….

Most of her photos were taken while in a moving bus, train, ferry, ship, etc.

Please enjoy Europe via her photos.

A castle in Austria. If you can see it. And yes, that is a seat……

Cevahir Mall in Turkey. I can confirm the identity because I saw her take the photo….

Poor Tower Bridge of London has been reduced to nothing but fuzziness…..

Mrs. Adrian’s version of the London Eye at night……

HONESTLY. The only thing that convinces me that the fly wasn’t the target is because it is smack right in the middle of the photo……

We must be approaching Frankfurt. The entire bus, that is…….

A shop display window. The owner would sue if they saw this gross misrepresentation……

I am guessing that the red blur is a car?

Poor person who agreed to be a guinea pig for Mrs. Adrian to take a ‘jump shot’. Of course she got beheaded…… 🙂

And she promises that the intention was the scenery outside and not the sleeping ladies in the bus…..

Beautiful Venice. Even if half the photo is someone else’s hand and the side of the boat……

Why zoom when I can take a picture of that building from this distance?

A self portrait doesn’t have to show the face, right?

I am sure she wasn’t aware that she was taking a photo of her shoe…….