JINK (nJenva, IO, Nas and KYS – I should blog about JINK…….) love Aaron Rimbui. We go to most of his concerts and even though sometimes some of his songs have become obviously overplayed, we still cancel everything and attend his concerts. Yesterday was his bi-monthly gig, All That Jazz v8 (JINK has attended 7!!!).

Mugambi Nthiga, he of the Nairobi Half Life fame was the MC. When Aaron was done and Mugambi went on stage to bid the audience farewell, he said (NOT verbatim):

‘Thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming to All That Jazz 8. You have listened to classic music, music that touches the heart and soul. It has been safe in here. There has been no danger in here ladies and gentlemen. But now you are leaving this room and out into the harsh reality that is the world. The world is dangerous out there, you need to be careful. There’s Justin Bieber! Nicky Minaj. Rebecca Black. And Matasia Star!’

Have a safe weekend!

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