I really enjoyed myself in Ghana. Although it was a work related visit (Have I said it lately? I LOVE MY JOB!) I got time to rest and just rejuvenate from the hectic holiday.

My thoughts on Ghana:

1. Their men are very forward. Kenyan men need to learn a thing or two. Or maybe, Kenyan girls need to know that there are men who actually pursue ladies.

2. Their food is SUPER spicy and tasty. I actually carried back some food with me. 🙂 And my lovely boss sent me more food last week. SLURP. Wangu, their plantain chips are out of this world, I should get you some.

3. There is alot of construction going on. There is generally optimism about the country. People look generally happy.

4. The first ‘billboard’ you see at the airport is of their late President, Mr. John Atta-Mills. Ghanaians really loved their president. Which is a big contrast to Kenya. I can’t remember us ever having any positive words to say about our current and past presidents.

5. Their command of the English language is quite something. There is clear communication among people of all cadres in English, something that we in Kenya might have issues with. I kept on being suprised by this. We once went to visit a client and the guard didn’t let us in until we had called the CEO on our cell phone. When he took the phone to speak with the CEO, his first question was, ‘Sir, are you aware that there are six strangers – all ladies – purporting to want to speak with you? Are you sure that you would want me to let them all come through to meet with you?’ Some of us had tears trying to control the laughter that was threatening to burst out.

Some photos from the Ghana trip.

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      • Hahaha no. I love the pics and the observations 🙂 Sawa, I will be waiting for the exam. I know I will pass with flying colors.

  1. Nice! love the pix. i like the construction part, the plane that will not be moved! lol! n the outside gym. i am totally sure that the pple who’d use it are pple who exercise all the time. i wld not want anyone seeing my belly flip flop as i run,,, or other body parts either! lol!

    Imagine there are kenyan guys who are not shy to pursue. i was shocked last weekend wen a kenyan dude all by himself, interested in one chic in a crowd of 5 came over and started chatting up the chic, right infront of everyone. He then singled her out n was even able to get her number. I was shocked!!! i have not seen that happen in a looooonnng time! It was refreshing!

  2. Am good girl, thanks for september. God has brought me a long ways since then. i rediscovered Him, His love and the library n girl, we can check out as many as 100 books in one visit. 😮 goose bumps everywhere…

    He is still kenyan. u know the last time i saw that happen? ten yrs ago. a dude followed a chic i think from the uchumi that was on kimathi st. is it still there? to our bata shop and told her right infront of everyone in the shop he thought she was gorgeous n cld he have her number? that is a love story i wld love to know its ending. he was cute too, n looked rich! well, she looked like a model so…

    yeah, i guess he is kenyan american but all the same, here’s to all the brave kenyan dudes who’ll stop at nothing to get the girl they like!!!!!!

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