Random. Very Random


Today I will share some very random music videos. They are so random, even as I start this, I don’t know which videos will make the cut!

1. DNA et al.

Half of the song features the very eloquent words,  ‘nye nye nye nye nye’. Masha thinks it is a hilarious song. I like the colour in the video. 🙂 and the dance routine at the end. I honestly don’t know what the meaning of the song is, someone enlighten me!

2. Monique Kabuye

I have no idea why I didn’t include this song when I did this list. But truth be told, I had rather remove number 2 on the list and replace it with this song.

3. Ian and Qqu as N.I.X

This was Hipilicious’s favourite song for the longest time! If you want to make her blush, just point at her and sing, ‘Huyo, huyo, huyo… x 14’…………

4. Jimmy Gathu, et al

This is the first video I remember seeing Kenyans in. I think it may have been our first ‘hip’ music video. It kills me now when I watch it, especially when I see Jimmy Gathu and all those other guys in *ahem*  fascinating outfits…. But the message in the video is still relevant to date….

5. Snow. Who? Yeah. Snow.

This song hit the airwaves when I was in primary school. If you didn’t know the words to the song then you knew nothing. Blame it on my good memory 🙂 I still remember MOST of the words! I remember us going to drama festivals and music festivals and asking the driver to keep the song on repeat.

And for those very young. Yes, there was a white performer who appealed to mainstream reggae/rap crowds before Eminem did.

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  1. This nye nye nye song is annoying… it has no real meaning yet u find yourself liking it. That nganga dude says he knows we want to hear him sing more… the rest i dint hear but i dont think i missed anything. The dance by the 3 i presume is what u mentioned towards the end? its pretty good…

    Now as to the meaning, will the queen give me three days i go seek the face of The Lord and get back to you?

    That said, where does Jackiwa fall in this, your random list? n how come she is missing therein?

    • I see it was a great thing that I introduced you to Jackiwa. You seem smitten! 🙂

      Hahahaha, about seeking the face of the Lord to find the meaning. Do you know Ng’ang’alito? He was a contestant in Project Fame (I think!) and was quite popular. You should look for his before and after photos……………………….

  2. He’s good, n hey tell him my name is Waruguru. u do still have my number dont you? lol! JK..

    Do you know as her song was playing in my mind’s eye i saw a blonde Jackiwa appear? her innonce/ignorance is simply astounding… like, really? anyway, a girl’s gatta do…

    nice talking to u btw. now i know where to find u B)

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