1. Mo says Chris Brown is her husband and she is already planning the outfit she will wear during his concert. I asked her what she would do if he tried to ‘Rihanna‘ her and she asked, ‘Has he dealt with a woman from Nyeri?

2. I take pride in TDS activities. But I am now getting worried. How would you explain that my neighbour, not C or Miss P, but, uuuuuhhh let’s call him Leather Jacket, is always waiting by his car when I leave the house? And the fact that he only drives off when I have started the my car’s engine ?

3. Why have these people gone back to their old ways?

4. Since I am now in the acceptance stage of addiction to chapatis, should I review my goal 1 of my things to do before my next birthday?

5. Who would have thought that I would be reading all these mushy mushy love stories right about now?

6. How comes I am so scared of wearing new heels? I am getting too dependant on the ones that I am used to. But the goal was to learn how to walk in heels, not to walk in all types of heels, right?

7. Don’t you think that his photos are amazing?

8. Which is the cheapest airline that flies from Nairobi to the States?

9. Who has already registered as a Voter? Is there anyone else who has the IEBC jingle stuck in their head? ‘Habari njema kwa wa Kenya wote, kuhusu tume mpya ya uchaguzi…….’

10. How much is the OMO advertising budget? Today at a few minutes to 9am, all radio stations were plugging this brand. And no one was spared, including presidential hopeful, Peter Kenneth, who was the guest on Caroline Mutoko’s show.

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      • where do I begin… First they have terrible terrible customer service i.e. speaking in their language about you while staring at you… The food on the plane is terrible!… They probably will not tell you until 5 min. to landing that Addis Ababa to DC is not actually a direct flight as you will land in Rome and wait for about 45 min. as they change the cabin crew etc.leaving the doors open at around 3 AM in freezing winter, transit in Addis Ababa is terrible ESPECIALLY if you fly business as they let EVERYONE a.k.a. Ethiopians into the waiting lounge regardless, so you get people sleeping on the floor, food thrown all over the table… In the business lounge!!, And the food in business even more terrible as they think it is doing you a favor to serve traditional Ethiopian food cooked in some strange oil while those in economy have cold turkey sandwiches… Give me the sandwiches any day… Should I go on 😮

      • 🙂 Would you believe it! My pal has just used Ethiopian Airlines to Accra. They transited through Addis and his luggage has just been delivered, 3 days later because the hold was full during the transit and no one told them. Only when they got to Accra and they are waiting for their luggage, are they told that yeah, flight was too full, we couldn’t carry your luggage….

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