Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

When I become a BOSS


B – Being an

O – Observer of

S – Souls

S – Slaving away……

This past week got me thinking. As I mentioned earlier, we were at our strategy session and I got to see how people interacted with their bosses. So I started thinking of the Njenva I will be when I become BOSS and go for a strategy session with my team.

1. I will not interrupt my people when they are making presentations. I should have gone through their presentations before they stand in front of the entire team and start correcting their mistakes in public.

2. I will ensure that my team members are comfortable in their own skin even during fun activities. I will not make them slow down during a swimming competition to let me win.

3. Seeing as I am the don anyway, I will let other people come up with suggestions on how to solve team building problems. I don’t have to prove that I am the boss.

4. I will sit and interact with the people who I normally don’t interact with on a normal working day. The receptionist, the messenger, the cook and the photo copy guys would be the people I hang out with. I will stay away from the management team.

5. I will ask the team for their views and details on where / what / how / when (etc) they would like the retreat to happen. And actually listen to what they say.

6. I will not think that what I know is more that what everyone else knows and that I am the sole provider of knowledge on earth on all topics and subjects.

7.  I will shut up once in a while to actually see who is fine and who isn’t.

8. I will not form opinions about certain employees before I get to know them.

9. I will seek to have a one on one session with all my team members, especially if I am going to have over 5 days with them and they are less than 20 in number.

10. I will not expect them to give me details about their personal lives for me to use in other conversations but stay mum about my own personal life or get upset if anyone calls me out on it.

I must reiterate, I love my boss. I love my job. I love my organisation. But there are others I work with who don’t feel the same way.