Daily Archives: December 5, 2012

Updates: 5th December


The things that are outstanding on my list of things to do before my next birthday.

1. Lose at least 30% of what I weighed at my last birthday
3. Visit Kisii and tour the town
5. Read at least 30 of all the e-books that I have
9. Join a ministry at the same said church
12. Visit at least 4 children’s homes and volunteer to spend my time with the kids
13. Ride a bike in Nairobi (for some reason, I always ride bikes in other towns, but not Nairobi!)
14. Visit Mercy, Irene and Mrs. Nyerere
15. Get new curtains for the LOFT
16. Learn how to put on make up
17. Visit the village every other month
18. Hold a housewarming party at the LOFT (2 years later……)
19. Go on an overseas trip with JINK
20. Chat up a dude 2 dudes
21. Give away clothes that I have had from before January 2012

The ones in green, I am pretty certain I can complete by my next birthday. I am worried about the items in red, what to do?

Number 1 – I haven’t been to see Jeff since September. I am  not being serious with working out and eating right. This means I have been stagnant at my post holiday weight. I have to put in more effort on this….. SIGH.

Number 9 – I am so confused about the ministry I should join. Should I join a ministry where all I will be doing is giving and giving or a ministry where I will also be a beneficiary? Should I work with kids or teens or young adults? Should I try a ministry I have never been involved in before? Goodness. I am so confused.

Number 16 – I was so sure that this was going to be easy. Someone I know had opened a make up school and I knew I just needed to call her for a week’s lessons and I would be sorted. I found out yesterday that she relocated to the UK over a month ago. Who else has a make up school in Nairobi?

Number 17 – I think the last time I was there was in August. It has been 3 months, that means I have already failed on this one, right? 😦

Number 19 – An overseas JINK trip is bound to happen. Thing is some parties feel that the trip should be in April and my birthday is in February. IO and I have been trying to push for January but we are facing very stiff competition from Nas and KYS. Sigh.

Number 20 – HAHAHAHA. IO and I went for this ‘boot camp’ thingie last month. There was this dude who kept on checking up on me. So I decided to chat him up. HE IGNORED ME. That was that. Seeing as it wasn’t successful I am not looking forward to trying it again.

Number 21 – Due to number 1 not being done effectively, I still need some of my old clothes! 🙂

Excuses, excuses!!!