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Letter from me, 10 years ago…


I was going through my stuff and I found this letter that I had written to myself more than 10 years ago. I had attended a UN peace building initiative where tertiary level students were expected to build a medical clinic for a community in Lugari, Western Kenya. I still don’t know how I was selected from all the students in my university but I must admit that it was a life changing 3 weeks.  On our last day in Lugari, we were asked to write letters to ourselves that the coordinator would send to us from Luxemburg (At that time, that sounded like the moon, by the way!) Enjoy the letter, verbatim. Honestly, I think this letter is more a post for me than for anyone else reading. (2012 comments in Green)


Hi Njenva,

How are you? I hope that you are ok. I am writing to ask you about the project that you did at Lugari. Do you remember or does it sound like another life?

Day 1. You met Jack and Pasha at the gate of the motel (Wida ) then Arnold (who is this guy!!!?), Angel, Jackie (Frankeistein) and best of all MARY! SAUSAGES KWA WINGI!!! Remember how Mary and you used to laugh. That day when Jack was telling you about his girl problems….

Day 2. You had to learn all peoples names from Suzie (Muangi) to You-Know-Less (Yussuf) and Mash. The people were very nice and you made friends with many of them. (Esther from KU was also there) You were into ‘Westside Connection’ and had to stop. I think that is where you had a ‘hormonal attack’ about ‘cows’. Why lie? It was fun.

Day 3. The group was divided into teams and your team members were: Carol (Sweet), Mash (Crazy), Mr. T (THA’ BOMB), Kim (Confused), Arnold (LOUD), Teddy (Teddy Bear) and Olaks (Sasawa!) => HOPE PROVIDERS. Thank  God you didn’t end up with Victor Victoria (Another group)

Day 4. Travellling to Mt. Longonot, Lake Nakuru National Park. Fall more and more for ‘cow’. Sing songs on the way. Talk of silly stuff. WE WERE NEVER REACHING!! Eldoret. At night -> Knee Stuff…..ooh baby (silly). MY BAG! (More and more silly) (NJENVA’s comment. For real, I have no idea what all this coded stuff means!) Then we finally reach.

Day 5. Not so bad. See the site. Doesn’t look bad. Laugh at the tug of war ‘Bas Kijana’ <- By the way, this was the highlight of the entire trip. A tug of war where some dude fell on a girl and he wasn’t in a hurry to stand up and get off from her, till the District Officer who was officiating the games shouted onto the microphone, ‘Bas Kijana. Bas. Bas’

Day 6. WORK BEGINS. OH GOSH. It really is work. Why lie? Carrying bricks, digging, building a house -> This is so cool. Maybe ‘cow’ is interested……..

Day 7. Work again. This place is raining elephants and bulldozers. I get scared that the building may fall.

The rest of the days are a blur of pain , hard work, thirst, sweat and chicken. There’s a lot of it till I nearly swear never to eat chicken again. (Truth be told, after eating chicken and eggs three times a day for 3 weeks, I have never enjoyed eating chicken from this time.) Think of Hipilicious, Skinny and Mrs. Adrian a lot. I pray for them too.


–          Kes Keraya (WHAT IS THIS?!!!)

–          I would have run

–          Why. Why are we suffering

–          Massage yako ni kama kupata accident

–          *Comment hidden

–          Loaf -> Muangi

–          I don’t need a psychiatrist, I need a gynaecologist

–          * Another comment hidden!!!

–          Who is that? Na wako na panga.

–          Mash singing in the bus. OH GOSH! (Let me just say that Mash can’t sing to save his life….and he is the only one I am still in contact with to this day….)

–          BULLDOZERS

–          Mary’s laughter (It is so sad that I never got to meet up with Mary after this project. We had so much fun!)

–          Omas’s hairy body -> sikukuambia kichwa!

–          Hormonal attacks

–          * Yet another comment hidden! WAAA.

Anyway, seeing as you had a lot of fun, what are you to do with yourself in the near future? I suggest:

  1. Be at peace with all
  2. Laugh more often
  3. Get more involved in such projects
  4. Start a business by the end of April 2002
  5. Write to all the participants frequently
  6. Get closer with Hipilicious and Skinny
  7. Pray more often and meditate
  8. Be yourself
  9. Love all
  10. Love deeply and wholesomely

This project may have been the best thing that has happened in your life yet. Don’t let it all go to waste. Most of all, initiate a culture of peace with all that you come into contact with. And now you have seen for your self that hard work never killed anyone! Trust in God and all will be well.


Njenva H.